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Caritas Association Bucharest

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After school program for children with disabilities (Especially with Down Syndrome)


*My little girl has the right to a normal and happy life, because she was a wanted child, because she is loved by all the people to whom she makes the days clear with her clean eyes and her crooked smile, for the caresses of her warm and fat hands- not always handy, for her gentle hugs which warm your soul, for her funny games and stubbornness, for the way she is spelling the words, for her all day effort to do that the other blessed children are doing naturally, for her pure

and innocent love for all the people. *

This is the confession of Ina’s mother, a 8 years girl with Down Syndrome. Ina started her studies last year at a normal school. In the first year, Ina got very good results, she succeeded to make friends and to respect the Class rules and schedule. After she finished the school year, we observed that she needed to be helped to keep up with the other children. In our Day Care Center for Children with Disabilities, there are 6 more children in Ina’s situation, who need educational support.

All these wonderful children can thrive at school, but because they are born with a special condition, they need a different support, a program adapted to their needs and therapists who have the necessary abilities to work with them and to offer an individual attention.

During these After School Program, we intend that the activities will follow the development of general motricity ( the children with Down Syndrome have muscle hypotonia and coordination difficulties, and the one with ADHD have coordination problems), the improving of the abilities to adapt to the school environment ( the children are encouraged to participate to the games, to wait for their turn, to respect a program), the improving of reading and writing of letters and numbers), the improving of the knowledges regarding the environment ( the days of the week, the weather, the seasons), the development of independent life skills ( eating alone, going to the bathroom).



Choose to offer a chance to education for children with disabilities! Help us to collect a minimum of  2000 ron in order to start The After School Program!