On May 14th, come and join a great run contest together with our CASTIGA VIATA Team!

Run to WIN MINUTES OF LIFE for children with oncological diseases living in Iasi city!

Help the Association Castiga Viata to build and establish the First World Children’s World Center to be created in Iasi for children suffering from oncological diseases.

All you have to do is:

  • Join one of the 4 races on !!! or and you will get for free our t-shirt, in the day of contest.
  • Get your friends with you too!!
  • Together, you contribute to increasing the quality of life of cancer-bearing children in Moldovan cities.

Run and WIN LIFE for children with oncological diseases who will benefit from the services of the First Day Center – “The World of Children” that will open in Iasi and will provide to children art therapy centers, games, personalized nutrition services, psychological counseling, all under close and discreet surveillance of oncologists, pediatricians, nutritionists, specialized psychologists, and other professionals in the field.

What you need to know about the CASTIGA VIATA Association:

The CASTIGA VIATA Association was set up to help improve the health of Romania, an area with major deficiencies in Romania. We believe it is necessary and important to think in the future and to help the health of future generations.

We attach great importance to medical innovations, being the key to a healthy lifestyle and the solution to most health problems. We aim to help prevent many diseases, by supporting educational and informative and charitable medical courses and events.

Find out more about current activities and projects of the Association on and see how it works every day to help improve the medical education system in Romania by participating in projects that address the health status of cancer-infected children in Romanian cities.

Every Step is a Joy! It is the new campaign organized by the Association Win Life, which aims to raise funds for the construction and arrangement of the First Day Center for Children with Oncological Diseases living in the Moldovan cities – “The World of Children”

Join the WIN LIVE Team ( or follow us on the Team to create the largest community of runners for our new campaign: And Win a Life!

We look forward to joining you directly at and choose at Cause: ASOCIATIA CASTIGA VIATA. Then let us know via a message on, and we will give you for free out Team t-shirt.

For any information about the competition and ways of participation and support, you can contact us on the Facebook page at,

by email: [email protected] or by phone 0726135171