Hai sa ajutam! Association


“Let’s Help!” Association


It’s been 8 years since, through “Let’s Help!” Association, we come to support abandoned children in foster care homes, poor families, the elderly and the people living on the street. It’s been 8 years since the volunteer team is working hard to develop rural education as well as support patients with autoimmune diseases such as lupus.


We believe that love is vital, that love and affection are healing emotions, emotions that help us overcome the difficult moments when we feel at a crossroad. We love what we do, so we embrace every project with excitement.


We are waiting for you to join us in sharing love! You can get involved in our deeply cherished projects, which you can find on our website (www.haisaajutam.ro) or on our Facebook page (facebook.com/haisaajutam/)


A few words about our main activities:


  1. The project “Cooking a hot meal for the elderly”, where we cook a special full menu and then organize a small ball, where we dance and sing the songs of their youth.
  2. “The School Supplies Caravan”: So far, we have helped over 7,000 rural pupils and poor families to have their children go to school, (families for which it is difficult to give children a daily meal, so school is unfortunately the last concern).
  3. Every year, on Christmas time, we organize a theatre play, whose protagonists are children from the placement centers, turning into actors on the stage of the Conservatory (this year we expect you to see and support them on the 7th and 8th of December).
  4. “Do you want to be Santa Claus?”: Every year, on Christmas, you have this opportunity as a result of the letters written by the children in the foster homes.


Between the 12th and the 14th of October, Let’s Help! turns into Let’s Run!


We are waiting for your enrollments, to run together for a cause that is worth it!