Merci Charity Boutique Association

The scope of Merci Charity Boutique is to support humanitarian causes, with children with medical and social problems at the forefront.
In November 2015, the association opened Atelier MERCI, a social tailoring workshop that supports social and medical cases by: hiring, recycling donated goods received in the charity store, and using 100% of profit to support the humanitarian causes supported by the association.
Our good deeds on the move:
• Health: Zâna Merciluță (free and mobile dental treatment for children with oncological diseases and children from disadvantaged families from rural areas and poor areas in Bucharest). We work with the Oncology Institute in Bucharest, the Onco-Pediatrics Department and the County School Inspectorates.
• Education: MERCI in the village (a project to improve the learning conditions for children from rural areas through school renovation, the creation of computer laboratories and the prevention of school drop-out by granting to children social cases scholarships for continuation of high school studies).

About the project Zâna Merciluță
It is said that a child smiles an average of 370 times a day, an adult only 7 times a day, and a sick child 10 times a day.
These are some of the reasons that can prevent children from smiling:
• 75% of children aged 6 to 11 have dental cavities at temporary teeth and 39% in permanent teeth.
• Over half of Romanian children (51%) live under the poverty spectrum, and 74% of poor children live in rural ares (according to a study by World Vision Romania).
• Often, dentists do not want to work in dental cabinets in the villages.
• Dental cabinets in villages are a rarity.
• Parents are unaware that each child is entitled to a series of free dental interventions in dental dental cabinets who are suppliers for the county health insurance houses.
• In addition to the fact that the parents cannot financially support the child’s dental treatment, the lack of cabinets and the way to the only dentist’s office in the commune (where they exist) is a real problem.
• For children with oncological diseases, dental treatment is vital. In Romania, there are counties without any state dental cabinet (in 2016 the number has dropped to 30 throughout the country).
In 2013, the association developed Zâna Merciluță children’s program, adressed to children with oncological diseases, where children admitted to the Oncological Institute in Bucharest receive free dental treatment at the dental cabinet partner, Splendente Dental Cabinet.
By developing projects for rural schools and observing the urgent need for dental treatment for these children, we aimed to extend the project by providing free mobile dental treatment also in poor rural areas in Romania, with the support of dentists volunteers.
Thus, we have created a mobile dental cabinet (a van equiped similar to a dental cabinet) to provide free mobile dental treatment along with a team of dentists volunteers to children from poor communities and children medical cases.
Since 2013, we participate in the ABRC competitions with more than 50 runners/marathon who support the project and raise funds. Our objective for this edition is set out to raise funds to provide prevention and dental treatment for over 500 children from poor rural areas and children with medical conditions.