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Necuvinte Association


“Together we are stronger”
The main activity of Necuvinte Association is the fight against domestic violence, fundamental human rights violations and abuses against women and children.
This year, we celebrate 3 years of activity, during which we had a sustained activity of advocacy, awareness campaigns and emergency intervention in cases of domestic violence. Necuvinte Association managed to amend Law no 217/2003 on combating domestic violence, by introducing the protection order issued within 72 hours (before was up to 3 months), we distributed over 500.000 flyers and stickers in several events in the streets, airport, malls, theaters, cinemas, bars and restaurants and provided help in dozens of cases of domestic violence.
Necuvinte’s services in cases of domestic violence include medical tests, writing complaints for the police, writing the requests for issuing a protection order, legal representation, shelter (public and private shelters), covering the tax for the forensic certificate and psychological counseling. In addition to the above services, we adapt to the problems of each person and we also offer the “Food basket” (buy basic food for a few months) and we try to find jobs through friends and donations, we also helped with furnishing and housing equipment for those that started from scratch again, moving from the abusive environment … We are trying to help as much as we can.
This year, we had a first contact with what organizing a sporting event means. On June 26, 2016, in Titan and Al. Ioan Cuza parks, we organized the “Purple Cross 2016” event, a different kind of cross, in which all the participants ran in purple tutus to raise awareness about violence within the family.
We invite you to run and be our ambassador for one day! We exercise, enjoy a wonderful day and draw attention to this serious violations of the fundamental human rights. In addition, you will support our first national campaign, “Broken Wings”, an information campaign that will distribute another 500.000 posters and 250.000 safety guides nationwide.
For further details about how you can support Necuvinte to Bucharest Marathon, feel free to contact us on this email address Do you want to know more about us? Just visit