The Social Incubator Association

Run for change at the Bucharest Marathon 2019!

The Social Incubator Association invites you to run for the social change at the Raiffeisen Marathon in Bucharest.

Join us to support the cause of disadvantaged youth in Romania! Run for those who leave the child protection system without support, without means to independently support their lives, without trust in themselves or their future.

Give them your trust and support by running for them on 12th and 13th of October along with #teamSOCIALINCUBATOR!

We are a team of young, dedicated, energetic and good professionals who share the vision of giving vulnerable young people access to support, resources and opportunities to help them develop. We believe wholeheartedly that only in this way can they become engines of change.

We have so far supported young people from 22 counties in Romania to continue their studies and to pass the baccalaureate exam, to develop on a personal and professional level, to cultivate their self-confidence, to acquire independent living skills and to find a job.

We are pleased to have reached over 3540 young people, through the over 280 thematic workshops we have organized. We have supported 612 young people in their personal and professional career, 476 young people benefited from psychological and vocational counseling, we went on over 115 exploratory visits to companies and over 160 young people are now employed.

[?] Did you know that:

  • Over 3,500 young people leave the protection system annually, unprepared for an independent life; they are marginalized by society and exposed to a wide range of risks. As a result of the lack of integration, many of them remain on the streets and even become victims of human or drug trafficking.
  • Only 1 in 40 young people leaving the protection system are legally employed
  • Thus, Romania occupies the leading place in the European Union in terms of victims of human trafficking

Together we can change not only statistics, but the destinies of vulnerable young people in Romania!

About us


The Social Incubator Association is a non-governmental, non-profit organization, created by 5 friends, 5 years ago, to support the disadvantaged youths in Romania through direct, pragmatic and creative social interventions. Our mission is to give these young people hope for a better future by improving the sustainability of their lives.


In May 2014, we launched the main program of the organization, whose purpose is to support young people who have left – or are about to leave – the child protection system, between the ages of 16 and 26, to make the transition (otherwise very difficult and fraught with risks) to adult life.


Nearly 30 years after the Revolution, the institutionalized young people who leave the protection system once they become adults are marginalized by society and exposed to a wide range of risks. As a result of the lack of integration, many of them remain on the streets and / or become victims of human or drug trafficking. We set out to change these statistics.


Contact us for more details:

Telephone: +40 21 794 61 43

Email: [email protected]