You have 170 reasons to be in the Constitution Square at the Raiffeisen Bank Bucharest Marathon!

Be part of a team of big-hearted people and run for 170 children with autism. Autism does not discriminate. Yearly, 1 out of 59 girls and boys are diagnosed with Autistic Spectrum Disorders. They live differently: they are not understood by most of us, they can not speak, they don’t know nor express what hurts them.

Diana, Andrei, Marian, Gabriel and other 166 need therapy now. We will run for them! With each hour of therapy, the little ones learn to talk, play and make friends.

ATCA Association speaks on behalf of the children it has been supporting for 10 years through its projects rolled out in the two therapy centers in Bucharest. Find out more about us here.

We need you in order to help them grow as independent persons! We need you in the team!

We will make the difference together.

  • Dedicate your race to the autistic children. We will run for Diana, Andrei, Marian, Gabriel and 166 other kids; so they can have a normal life.

On October 12th-13th, each of us will be a hero. A super hero for the autistic kids in ATCA therapy centers. We will meet in the Constitution Square to talk in the name of the children struggling to learn to speak for themselves. Each of us will run kilometers that will become therapy hours sessions for them.

Join ATCA Super Heroes Team at The
Raiffeisen Bank Bucharest Marathon! As a runner in the team, you will enter a family where you will receive support in both sports training and fundraising.

Contact: Beatrice Ionescu, Fundraising Manager, ; phone:0748 849 919. Last call on 28th of September.If you can’t run this year you are welcome in our family:

  • As an ATCA volunteer on the races days. Your help is most welcome. We know it comes from the heart.

Together with us, you’ll encourage runners on the route, take pictures and bring smiles.

Send us a message to with your contact details and time available and we will send you more information.

  • As a donor on ro. Choose the runner with whom you resonate and make a donation. All the raised funds will be used to treat the autistic children from orphanage and poor families.

Share the good news! Tell all your friends about the Super Heroes ATCA Team and the cause of the little heroes. Encourage them to donate. Their donation means minutes or even hours of therapy for a child.


See you at the Constitution Square, on October 12th-13th!

Thank you!