Run for the future of children in foster care!

Support education and help them to grow and become responsible and independent people.

Lindenfeld Association’s educational programme „Ajungem MARI” supports over 2000 children and youngsters from foster care facilities in Bucharest and 25 counties to learn with pleasure, to have faith in themselves, to develop abilities and discover what they like, what they can do and what they want to do in the future.

1.300 volunteers from Bucharest and other 25 counties visit children weekly in foster care facilities, becoming their friends, teachers and role-models.

Volunteers support courses and interactive workshops, accompany children in trips, take them out in the city or to different working places and the talented ones to vocational courses. Children also participate in personal development camps, health education workshops and speech therapy sessions.

The cost for an year of education through gamification for a single child is 500 lei. Each registration helps us tu support children on a long term and to offer them lots of joy! So we thank you from our heart if you run for our cause.

Get involved more and become a Galantom fundraiser!

If you want to get involved more and become a fundraiser, we challenge you to raise funds so that 1, 2, 3 or more children can benefit from AN YEAR of interactive EDUCATION.

To become fundraiser on Galantom, you need to submit the registration form here – (the registration fee is paid separately on

For more details about volunteering and Ajungem MARI, you can visit our website,  and on Facebook Ajungem MARI we share stories daily about the wonderful experiences that we are offering to children with your help!

We thank you a lot in the children’s name!