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Inocenti Foundation

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Through the ongoing support programs in the last 26 years, Fundatia Inocenti/RCR offers support to Romanian children and families in need and prevents child abandonment. We address those families who, due to economic, social, cultural, medical or psycho-emotional reasons, are not able to provide their children, by their own means, with a harmonious and normal development.

The Child Life program

Childhood doesn’t stop at the hospital’s door !

The mission of this program is to minimize the negative psychological and social effects of hospitalization and illness on children, teenagers and their families.

Play therapy, medical art-therapy, emotional support, expressive arts, helping children to understand what is happening in their bodies during the illness, understanding the role of treatment and explaining different medical procedures, as well as supporting children to acquire successful coping mechanisms are just a few of the successful components that are used daily by our professional staff and volunteers.


In addition, we focus on the child’s emotional, social, physical and cognitive development. Through daily activities, we ensure the complex and diverse stimulation that children need for a normal development in their first years of life, especially children who are committed to hospital without their parents/ legal guardians.

Right now, Child Life programs are running in two children’s hospitals of Romania:

Bucharest – National Institute for Mother and Child’s Health “Alessandrescu-Rusescu”

Bistrița – The Emergency County Hospital Spitalul of Bistrița-Năsăud.

In addition, Fundatia Inocenti is managing 2 other volunteering programs in:

Spitalului Orășenesc “Dr. George Trifon”, Năsăud – Secția Pediatrie.

Spitalului Orășenesc Beclean – Secția Pediatrie. 

With your support, this fall, Inocenti will launch two new Child Life programs in Cluj this time.

Run for Inocenti at the Marathon and bring the childhood torch in Romanian children’s hospitals !

For more details and for subscribing to Inocenti team, please write to or call us at 0751 242 282 !