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Star Storage Foundation

LOGO FUNDATIA STAR STORAGE+CLAIMStar Storage Foundation is a Romanian NGO, for charity and non-profit, that has as main objective the achievement and involvement in campaigns, programs and social projects that actively contributes to problem solving and to the development of Romanian society. Star Storage Foundation has been founded on May 1, 2013, based on the experience of over 11 years of Star Storage company in development, support and active involvement in social responsibility campaigns with positive real effects in Romanian society.

The “Blood is Life” (“Sangele este viata”) campaign conducted by Star Storage Foundation is dedicated to fundraising (~ 200 000 euro) to purchase advanced medical equipment needed in order to keep blood and related products in optimal conditions, for a longer period of time.


Romania is facing two serious problems regarding the need for blood: the number of blood donors is too small, and the need for modern medical equipment enabling optimum storage of blood in a long time.

The main objective of the campaign “Blood is Life” is to provide for the Blood Transfusion Center a minimum of necessary equipments to serve to the collection, processing and blood storage needed by current beneficiaries, but especially by future.