Hope and Homes for Children Romania

Hope and Homes for Children started its programs in Romania in 1998. Over these years of programme implementation, Hope and Homes for Children has directly contributed to closing down 
54 orphanages, while other 10 are in the process of being closed down. Through the services developed by Hope and Homes for Children, mammoth size institutions for children in which they do not get enough attention and individual care are replace with an alternate 
system based on family care. Thus, through Hope and Homes for Children’s and its partners’ efforts, 4,985 children left the closed down institutions, while 912 will leave the institutions in the process of being closed.


In the same time, the Foundation is working towards helping children to stay with their families, intervening when a child is at risk of being abandoned. 25,787 children were helped to stay together with their families, 862 young people were supported to begin independent lives, 1,812 children benefitted from the services of Day Centres and 843 from the services of Emergency Reception Centres. 8,125 professionals from child-protection authorities took part in training programmes organised by Hope and Homes.


Until now, Hope and Homes for Children has improved the lives of over 45,000 vulnerable children. The Foundation’s mission is to eliminate children’s institutionalisation by 2022.