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Little People Romania supports the fight against childhood cancer


With a nearly 20-year experience in psychosocial support programs, Little People Romania Association offers a range of high-quality services, complex events for young cancer survivors, professionalism in volunteer coordination, material support of hospital departments, care and constant involvement from a dedicated team.

Little People Romania has gained recognition from specialists and from the medical community by creating a quality standard of psycho-social interventions in support of children and young people affected by cancer and their families. This psycho-social program is an integral part of the treatment strategy in the paediatric oncology units, being already successfully implemented in 9 paediatric departments in Romania and the Republic of Moldova. Little People volunteers and specialists are present daily on the paediatric oncology departments, helping children and teenagers understand and cope with the experience they are going through. Activities in the playroom focus especially on two programs: “I’m not afraid!” and “Fun school”, both appreciated and awarded at national and international level.

“I’m not afraid” program follows specific therapeutic goals and is based on art therapy, drama-therapy and emotional therapy, while “Fun School” is a program initiated by Little People, in which children and teenagers are taught the subjects from school in an innovative and entertaining manner, helping them keep up with school progress even if they are in the hospital.

In 2006, Little People set up the first support group at national level to meet the needs of teenagers and young people affected by cancer: Temerarii Club – the cancer survivors’ youth club. This group currently has over 500 surviving young people from 123 localities in the country, is a true example of success for current patients and is one of the most active communities in Europe. One of the most beautiful event for young cancer survivors is the Temerarii Summer Camp: Temerarii Summer Camp 2017

To make the message of survival known, Little People organizes national awareness campaigns, local events, fundraising and communication campaigns, inviting the general public to express their solidarity with those who have faced cancer. So we launched the donation campaign through sms at 8844 with the text CANCER by which the general public can show their solidarity towards all children with cancer in Romania, the direct beneficiaries of the psychosocial intervention programs implemented on a daily basis. By sending an SMS to 8844 with the text CANCER you can support every month the fight against childhood cancer: SMS video

For more details, please contact the Little People Romania Association and the Temerarii Community here: or on facebook:

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