Special Olympics Romania

Run together with Special Olympics Romania Champions from Abu Dhabi


Special Olympics Romania champions from Abu Dhabi World Summer Games are running at Bucharest Raiffeisen Marathon! Join them!


In March 2019, 34 athletes with intellectual disabilities returned from the Special Olympics World Games with 56 medals (Gold, Silver and Bronze medals). Through Sports, they managed to get attention on their abilities. For everyone who gets to see them in action, their joy is contagious. Social inclusion of these persons is very important to us, in Special Olympics Romania. It’s 16 years since we support Special Olympics athletes to train and to participate to swimming, basketball, badminton, athletics, gymnastics – artistic, judo, roller skating, bocce, figure skating, alpine skiing, cross country skiing, tennis, table tennis, snow shoeing competitions.


We would like you to join our cause and to support Special Olympics Brave athletes to continue doing sports, to participate in dignity to national and international competitions, to bring back medals for our country, Romania, and to give us with joy!

At this very moment, Special Olympics atheltes are looking for a team at the Marathon. With the money collected from this action, they can continue training and dreaming about the next competition. For persons with intellectual disabilities, sports is the key to gain quality of life and better health. This means that each sports session is impoving and prolonging their life. Can you find something more pleasant that the feeling you did a good deed and that you contributed a little to someone else’s welfare?

Even if special athlets own a disability (in Special Olympics this means having the IQ under 70), they represent a model for other young people that intend to start doing sports. Their success is an example for all of us.


Ways to support us:

  1. Join #SpecialOlympicsTeam by running for Special Olympics athletes at 42k, 21k, 10k and popular races at Raiffesein Bank Bucharest Marathon (https://bucharest-marathon.com/registration/)!
  2. Select Special Olympics Romania as „cause I support” from the Registration Form in order to redirect a percentage from the participation tax to Special Olympics cause!
  3. Get a Galantom profile (http://www.galantom.ro/) and help special athletes to continue their trainings and to get to national and international competitions!
  4. Be the good change into the society! Contribute to special athletes inclusion and ask your friends to do the same! Do the #InclusionRevolution!


Ways we support you:

  1. Being proud of you wearing Special Olympics T-shirt!
  2. Special Olympics athletes will be also supporting you as they will be running themselves at the popular, children’s and teenagers’ races.
  3. We will be distributing water and spreading good energy at the hydration points.
  4. We will give you the opportunity to become a Partner of a Special athlete (by running together) and you will learn that you will be receiving more than you expect from this relationship! 

    If you want to support us or to become a fundraiser for us or you just have a suggestion, please send your message directly to the following address: [email protected].  You can also find us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/specialolympicsromania/, or Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/specialolympicsromania/) or our website: https://specialolympics.ro/


    See you at the Start line!