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Special Olympics Romania

Special Olympics Romania is part of the international Special Olympics movement. We have been in Romania since 2003 and have actively contributed to the social inclusion of people with intellectual disabilities, offering them the opportunity to discover and develop their sports skills through specific training and competitions, taking place all year round nationwide.

At present, people with disabilities are the largest minority in the world.

In the Special Olympics movement, we don’t let things happen on their own. What we want you to know is that:

  • we don’t encourage one-off participation, but we offer a lifestyle;
  • it’s about all of us, not only about them;
  • we want to change the society we live in and to demonstrate that change is possible through the effort of each and every one of us. Special Olympics facilitates complex experiences that produce structural transformations, not only for athletes, but also for those who get involved in our activities.

Special Olympics Romania means:

  • 25,000 athletes with intellectual disabilities all over the country;
  • 1,500 coaches and  volunteers;
  • 5,000 students and teachers in mass schools
  • 12 sports;
  • 125 special schools and NGO across Romania;
  • 100 sports events organized annually;
  • 50 free medical screenings.

All services and equipment provided to our athletes are free of charge.

In order for us to continue providing these, we need your help.

Donate for one of the projects below and help us help those for whom sport is a necessity!


Learning together, growing together

Health for special needs athletes

Young Athletes. Little athletes, big champions

Sports for all!


For all of us participating in the International Bucharest Marathon, the importance of sports is more than obvious: we are healthier, we find other people sharing our passions, we make more friends and we have more energy!

The difference is life changing for people with intellectual disabilities.



Fundatia Special Olympics din Romania
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