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United Way


If you enjoy running and you want to help those in need, this is the perfect opportunity to do it. We are delighted to invite you to join the United Way Running team! If you wish to sustain our cause, you can help as a fundraising runner or as a volunteer. We support children`s education by offering integrated services to low income children and their families, aiming to help them successfully finish school and to live a better life.

It is the 3rd year that United Way Romania is a charitable partner for the most important running event held in Bucharest, organized by the Bucharest Running Club Association: the Bucharest International Marathon. We support the access to education for children from low income families. So far, more than 65 runners joined the United Way running team and through their fundraising efforts, 72 children registered in the United Way programs, received daily support with the homework and a hot meal per day for a whole month. In the photographs are some of the volunteers and runners.

We sincerely thank you all for making this possible!

HOW TO GET INVOLVED with United Way:

1. If you decided to support our educational cause and you wish to join our running team, please get in touch with us. We will welcome you in the team and you will receive all the relevant information.

Contact: Oana Blindu, Resource Development Manager (as well as an active runner for our team) In order to succeed together, we want to make sure everybody involved enjoys the experience. Therefore, United Way will ensure that every member of its team receives running tips and training (including group running sessions), as well as fundraising support.

2. If you want to sustain our cause as a volunteer and you are available between October 4-6, your help is more than welcome! You can help with runners’ registration, logistic support or on race day at the fixed hydration points, mobile hydration (if you own a bike) or as part of the United Way team: to cheer the runners, as a photographer, or as an entertainer, etc. Send us an e-mail to with your contact details, area of interest and availability and subsequently we will send you all the relevant information.

3. You can also spread the word about our cause and invite other people to join the United Way Running team.

What is LIVE UNITED? It is United Way’s call to action and to help people in need. How to do it? It is quite easy: GIVE. ADVOCATE.VOLUNTEER. LIVE UNITED.

Thank you and we hope you’ll join our team!

About the United Way Education cause

Through our educational programs, United Way offers support over 1.000 children each year. Because of our supporter’s contributions, children receive for free much need support in 12 daycare centers and social kindergartens in Bucharest. Children willing to learn, but don’t have the appropriate conditions at home (either learning or living conditions), get help with their homework and in catching up on learning if needed. They receive clothing and school supplies to be prepared to attend school. For most of the children, the food they are given through our programs is the only hot meal of the day.

About United Way:

Everyone has the right to a better life: access to education in order to get a decent job, a good health enough funds to support their families. Therefore, United Way Romania focuses on 3 areas: education, health and income. This way, United Way helps thousands of people in need: by enabling children and teenagers to go to school, adults to learn a trade and to become independent and elderly people, disabled or seriously ill people to live a better life. Visit our official website or our Facebook page United Way Romania for more information.