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If you like to run and you want to help those in need of support, this is the perfect opportunity to combine them.

We are inviting you in the United Way Running team! You can help as a runner, fundraiser or as a volunteer for supporting our cause. We support the chance to a decent lifestyle for youngsters from disadvantaged environments. Currently, 23.8% of Romanians live in poverty, according to the EU data. At United Way we believe in an integrated approach, through which we help young people identify and follow their path towards a better life and financial independence.

It is the 6th year in which United Way is a charitable partner of the events organized by the Bucharest Running Club Association: The International Semi-Marathon and Marathon Bucharest.

In the United Way programs, youngsters receive psychological, vocational and legal counseling, scholarships, qualification courses, trainings, professional kits, and mentorship, job-shadowing and medical aid.

Last year, with the support of the 400 runners in the United Way team, from the 2 events we helped 130 children from disadvantaged families take part in sport events, health education hours, mountain trips and interactive workshops for healthy cooking. We thank everyone!

How can you get involved with United Way?

  1.  If you decided to support the chance to a better life for the youngsters from disadvantaged environments and you want to run in the United Way team, give us a sign. We will welcome you in the team and you will get all the necessary information.

Contact person: Andreea Mirea, Events and Volunteering Manager

[email protected].  In order to succeed together and to enjoy the event, United Way will ensure support to every team member for physical preparation (information and common trainings), and also for fundraising.


  1. If you want to support us as a volunteer and you are available between the 9-13th of October (before or only on the day of the race), you help is welcomed! You will be able to help registering the runners, with logistic help or on the day of the race: at the fixed or mobile (by bike) hydration points; or in the United Way team: encouraging the runners on the trail, or as a photographer, entertainer etc.


Send us a message at [email protected] with your contact details, interest area and the available time and we will provide you with more information.


  1. Spread the word about the United Way Running team and about the youngsters’ cause that we support.


What does LIVE UNITED mean? It is the United Way incentive to help the one around us, who need help. How? It’s simple: Donate. Be a volunteer. Act. LIVE UNITED.


Thank you and we’re waiting for you on the team!


About the United Way cause – professional integration


Through the United Way socio-professional integration projects, we set a goal that over 1,000 youngsters to be supported every year. With the help of our supporters, youngsters will have access to real employment opportunities. By offering all the necessary instruments for finding a stable job – psychological, vocational and legal counseling, scholarships, qualification courses, trainings, professional kits, mentorship, job-shadowing and medical aid – we have the power to transform a young person that is socially assisted, in an active member of the community and financially independent.


About United Way:


Every person has the right for a better life: access to education for obtaining a job, a health condition as good as possible and enough income to support their family. This is why United Way supports 3 important directions: education, health and socio-economic integration. Therefore, United Way helps thousands of disadvantaged people: children and youngsters to go to school, adults to learn new jobs and to be independent, single elders, people with disabilities or with serious illnesses, to have a better life. For more information, go to www.unitedway.ro or to the ‘United Way Romania’ Facebook page.

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