Make-A-Wish Foundation


The biggest world organization of wish granting was inspired by the with of a 7 years old boy diagnosed with leukemia, named Chris Greicius, who wanted to become a police officer. His mother, a few friends and a police officers group, supported by Public Safety Department of Arizona, granted him this wish, giving him an uniform custom made, a helmet, badge and a hellicopter ride.

Granting the wish, in 1980, all those involved were animated by the inspiration and impatience of giving other children with life threatening medical consitions, the same hope, strength and joy they have seen granting Chris’s wish.

Over the time, it was observed that a child with a life threatening medical condition, who has the dearest wish granted has the strength and motivation to handle, and often overcome, the situation.  

The interest to grant wishes for children with life threatening medical conditions spread quickly in other countries. In 1993, the Make-A-Wish International Foundation was officialy created,  to serve 5 other countries outside USA. Today, it helps children from more than 54 countries, on 5 continents, through 39 subsidiaries.

With the help of generous donors and over 32.000 volunteers, from 1980, Make-A-Wish granted, cumulative, more than 334.000 wishes all over the world.

In Romania, Make-A-Wish Foundation grants wishes since 2015. You can watch them on  Facebook.

You can support the Make-A-wish cause donating on our website or by SMS with DA at 8839.

We thank you in the name of all children who will have their wishes granted!