Teach for Romania


Teach for Romania is a non-profit organization founded in 2013. Having a transformative impact in the Romanian educational system, our work produces long-term and large-scale positive changes. The program is currently implemented in more than 35 countries which, like Romania, are part of the Teach for All international network.

The mission that lies at the core of Teach for Romania is to provide life options through quality education for each and every child in Romania. To achieve all our goals, we recruit the most valuable young Romanian graduates, who are then trained as model teachers and who are later encouraged and supported in becoming transformational vectors in the Romanian educational system.

To successfully complete our mission and objectives, the work we enterprise at Teach for Romania revolves around certain core values: integrity, excellence, authenticity, determination, lifelong learning, initiative, collaboration, balance and caring for others.

At the end of the first year of the Teach for Romania educational program, 18 teachers taught in 15 schools in 7 counties and thus helped over 2,600 children in vulnerable communities with low educational outcomes and high dropout rate. This summer, the second generation of teachers has been trained in the Leadership Summer Academy, a 6-week residential program of intensive learning, training and coaching. Thus, the beginning of the new educational year, in September 2015, 39 teachers will start their Teach for Romania careers and become active agents in the change of children’s lives throughout Romania.

As far as the future goes, Teach for Romania aims to double the number of model teachers who provide high-quality education and expand the program in schools across the country.

But until then, you can support us today by becoming a Teach for Romania runner and fundraiser or by making a donation!

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