The importance of breathing during exercise

Diana MIRONICA (10)

We cannot work without a correct breathing body. Breathing is a key exercise managed, because we work, not despised, we keep the pace and we are sure that the impact of exercise on our body. Therefore, you must learn how to breathe properly when we make a physical effort.


A few useful tips:

  • While doing exercise, regardless of their type, it’s good to know that there are two key moments in breathing – when you inhale and when you exhale! Be aware of how important it is to keep the nasal cavity clean. Water-based products can keep the nasal cavity clean, therefore a product as QUIXX Soft is should be available in our gym bag or backpack QUIXX Soft is an isotonic spray, which cleans and moisturizes effectively the nose and contains valuable minerals and aloe vera.
  • Don’t breathe through the mouth. Many people, during the exercise, make the mistake to inspire trough mouth and not trough nose. First of all, breathing through your nose will protect the lungs of impurities. Secondly, and not many of us know it, breathing correctly maintain the optimum concentration of oxygen and carbon dioxide from the blood. If we breathe through mouth, usually we inhale and exhale the air very quickly. This means that we spread much too fast carbon dioxide, therefore arteries and blood vessels that carry us in body cells shrink and oxygen does not reach quite quickly throughout the body. In this way, the brain no longer oxygenates as it should. Therefore, we become more uptight, or even more nervous. In consequence, during a sustained physical effort, we get tired faster and threaten us towards accidents.
  • Another important thing that must be specified is that breathing helps you directly with the execution of the training in the light of the fact that when you are preparing for a new momentum, pulling air in the chest, the body is filled with oxygen and generates additional power, which will make the difference between a total workout uncontrollably and one thought with a breath.

Breathing is the most important and vital function and our nose represents the gateway towards protecting the lungs airways. A healthy nose filter, humidifies and warms the air before penetrating the body, therefore the attention given to the nasal mucosa is very important. If we have a cold or stuffy nose, we can use QUIXX Extra. Besides the fact that it helps decongestant the nose, it provides a sensation of freshness, due to oil of eucalyptus.