Loredana Dinu

Olympic champion fencing

I am very confident that when you put passion in what you are doing, only great things can happen. From now on I hope to help Romanian sport from outside fencing area. I discovered running when I was very young, still a junior, and I can say it was miraculous to me. Running is pure health and it stimulates you both mentally and physically when you do it by pleasure.

So, run and join in street running competitions.



Olympic Games

Gold    Rio de Janeiro 2016   team

world Championship

Gold    Paris 2010       team

Gold    Catania 2011  team

Silver   Moscow 2015 team

European championship

Gold    İzmir 2006       team

Gold    Kiev 2008        team

Gold    Sheffield 2011 team

Gold    Montreux 2015           team

Silver   Legnano 2012 team