Bucharest Marathon 2017, at the 10th edition, applies to IAAF Bronze Label – Press Release

Bucharest RUNNING CLUB (BRC), the organizer of the largest street running events in Romania, announces that in order to obtain the status of Bronze Label from IAAF (International Association of Athletic Federations), Raiffeisen Bank Bucharest Marathon must meet several criteria, thus the regulations of the event must be alligned to the standards required by the IAAF:

  • the participation at the event of elite athlets (men and women) from 4 countries;
  • an IAAF observer must be present at the event to monitor all preparation processes in compliance with IAAF requirements;
  • Organized doping control of runners;
  • The street course must be secured and closed to vehicular traffic and must hold a valid IAAF international measurement certificate;
  • It is strongly recommended that the races must take place in maximum safety for the runners;
  • Providing TV station professional braodcast, refreshment points on the course and medical control.

Thus, the 10th edition of Raiffeisen Bank Bucharest Marathon (October 14th-15th) the rules updates mention to the following points:

  • Terms of entryEach runner who participate at the adults races within Bucharest Marathon will register for only one race at the event.
  • Runners must go through all check points located on the course of their race. Runners who fail to step on the mat at every check point will not be registered by the timing system and will be automatically disqualified.
  • All runners are required to wear the BIB number on the front of the T-shirt and attach the electronic chip as shown on the chip package. Any runner not wearing the BIB number on the T-shirt or wearing a different BIB number instead of the one received from the Organizer or not wearing the chip throughout the race as indicated in the instructions will be disqualified. Changing or replacing the BIB number or chip (even in case of loss) on race day or exchanging BIB numbers among runners is not allowed. Failure to observe these rules results in disqualification.
  • Participation at the Bucharest Marathon is strictly personal. Changing, selling, transferring or offering to change, sell or transfer the participation to the event is forbidden. Having a different person wear the BIB number of the runner who received it is not allowed. Any violation of this condition shall result in the disqualification of the runner and the organizer reserves the right to exclude the respective person from participating in future events. This policy is extremely important to ensure we have accurate medical information about every participant.
  • Medical recommendations It is strongly recommended to runners that before participating in any of the races, to perform a cardiological check, as well as writing on th BIB number, the telephone number of the person that can be contacted in case of emergency.
  • Introduction of the Complaints Commission. The ranking and the awarding of the winners will be validated three weeks after the completion of the event, once the complaints and the force majeure cases are settled. Any complaints about the ranking or the participation to the event shall be made in writing and presented at the award ceremony tent in Piata Constitutiei or by e-mail, within maximum 48 hours from the end of the race. After this deadline, the organizer will no longer consider any complaint. Thus, after the races, on October 15th, the winners will be congratulated during the award ceremony in Piata Constitutiei based on a provisional ranking which will be settled within 3 weeks atfer the event.
  • Prizes money/ products/servicesThe prize money will be paid at the end of the 8-week deadline from the completion of the Event, to allow time for settling potential complaints. In case of elite and professional athletes, the organizer may decide to postpone the payment of the prizes until the final results of the anti-doping tests arrive, should such tests be conducted.
  • Kids Races.For safety reasons, this is not a sprinting contest, has no time limit and the prizes are won in a drawing raffle. The award ceremonies for the winners of Kids Races and Jogging in Diapers Race will take place in Piata Constitutiei as of October 14th.

The updates of the 10th edition of Raiffeisen Bank Bucharest Marathon (October 14th-15th) are available within the rules of the event on the website, www.bucuresti-maraton.ro.

“The safety and security of all the runners, volunteers,partners,  spectators is always priority number one for us. We’re confident that these new rules will impact positively the races and the runners, allowing them to focus all their energy on simply enjoying the race. The cooperation, patience, and understanding of our runners are highly appreciated and look forward to take part in the Bucharest RUNNING CLUB races together” stated Valeria Răcilă van Groningen, President, Bucharest RUNNING CLUB.

“Bucharest RUNNING CLUB-premier events contributes to the development of sports tourism and promotes Bucharest as a favorite destination for amateur and professional athletes since the  inception of Bucharest Marathon 10 years ago. This year, by applying for an international classification for the Bucharest Marathon – that of the Bronze Label, our aim is to consolidate the strategy and the positioning of the event and the Bucharest as the capital in the world: a high-level event in a modern and welcoming European capital” said Oana Năstase, director Bucharest RUNNING CLUB.



Bucharest RUNNING CLUB is the organizer of the largest street race competitions in Romania- Bucharest Running Club premier events. Starting from 2008, Bucharest was included in the international circuit of marathons by joining other European capitals that host such competitions yearly. The Bucharest RUNNING CLUB calendar of events of this year include, the 2nd edition of Uniqa Asigurari Family & 10K Run, held on April 2nd, the 6th edition of OMV Petrom Bucharest Half Marathon May 13th-14th, and the 10th edition of Raiffeisen Bank Bucharest Marathon to be held on October 14th-15th. All Bucharest RUNNING CLUB competitions are certified and registered in the international calendar of AIMS (Association of International Marathons and Half Marathons). BRC has developed in Romania the association street running competitions with social, humanitarian or environmental causes and today there are over 20 NGO’s partners to the BRC events. These NGO’s are raising funds amounting  50,000 -100,000 euros yearly for community projects, social, educational, environmental presented. BRC was the first NGO who initiated a volunteering platform sports in Romania – www.voluntarinsport.ro and currently collaborates with over 1,000 active volunteers that get involved in projects and sports events. BRC organize their own competitions and mass sports events for companies also NGOs. Since the outset, BRC has organized over 100 mass running sports events, volunteering, education, communication, community development.

The official websites of Bucharest RUNNING CLUB are: www.bucuresti10km.ro, www.bucuresti21km.ro, www.bucuresti-maraton.ro,  www.voluntarinsport.ro, www.abrc.ro. FB/ Bucharest10km; Bucharest21km; BucharestMarathon;  #RunInBucharest