Marius Manole

When I run, I’m happy .. I’ve played different sports. I started with fencing at the Children’s Club in Iaşi, I tried table tennis and field tennis. Nothing came out of me. I got bored quickly. I was small and weak, I did not have enough power, and I did not get too far. I’m annoyed to be overtaken by others. And instead of accepting I was not the best, I’d have better said I was bored. But I think I might have built career in gymnastics, if I had let my parents take me to the center in Bacau. I liked gym very much. I knew a lot and when I was watching competitions on TV, I used to guess the correct mark before the referees. I knew how to calculate the gymnasts’ performance. I would have been good.

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Now I like to run and I set my goal to 42 kilometers, a marathon. In fact, I want to run 100 kilometers.

I like to be free .. for me to running means freedom, it means a permanent fight with myself, with my own limits ..