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Kids Race registration

Online registration is possible, using this form, only before 8:00 PM Sunday, October 7th.

WARNING ! Only the parent / legal tutor of the running child may submit this form and receive the race kit for the child.

Information about the running child
First name:
Family name:
Date of birth:
School / Highschool:
Sports club:
Tshirt size:
Information about the parent or legal tutor
First name:
Family name:
Phone number:
I hereby declare on own responsibility that the child is medically healthy and physically fit to participate at Raiffeisen Bank Bucharest Marathon and hereby exempt the organizers of any liability regarding my child participation at the present competition.
I agree that organizers have the right to use and publish any photo or video recording containing my image in order to promote this competition.
I agree to receive promotional and news messages from the organizers and the main partners of this competition.

Race information

Please read below! If you need more details, please contact us at dana . marcu [at] abrc . ro

The Kids Race is one of the events series dedicated to the Raiffeisen Bank Bucharest Marathon 2018 and is going to take place on October 13th.
All the kids with ages between 6 and 13 years old are invited to the run that will start in Piata Constitutiei.
14 year old children and above may register and run in the Teen Race 3 km - Saturday October 13th.

Start place:
Piaţa Constitutiei     (see the map)
Forecast temperature (min / max):  10°C / 25°C
Max no. of runners:  3800

The participation to this race is free-of-charge.

The participants to the race will take the start in groups, by age / sex, as following:
- age 0-5: 0,9 km
- age 6-7: 0,9 km
- age 8-9: 0,9 km
- age 10-11: 1,4 km
- age 12-13: 1,4 km.

Registration and race kit:
- every child must be accompanied by an adult, tutor or coordinating teacher who must provide medical certificate and sign the responsibility declaration.
Only children who provided birth certificate may receive prizes.


  • 7:00 - 14:30 : Registration & kit pick up
  • 13:00 : Start for age 0 - 5 category
  • 13:20 : Start for age 6 - 7 boys category
  • 13:40 : Start for age 6 - 7 girls category
  • 14:00 : Start for age 8 - 9 boys category
  • 14:20 : Start for age 8 - 9 girls category
  • 14:40 : Start for age 10 - 11 boys category
  • 15:00 : Start for age 10 - 11 girls category
  • 15:20 : Start for age 12 - 13 boys category
  • 15:40 : Start for age 12 - 13 girls category