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Type runner name and first name (whichever comes first) OR team name in the search field. Search words may be partial.

If search is not successful, type fewer letters.

Examples: "mi do" or "do mi" -> Michael Daniels, Dorothy Michaels, Dorothee Beaumier, Mihai Dodon etc.

If you chose Relay, you can either type runner name or team name.

The CONFIRMATION LETTER is the necessary document for race kit pick up. It also contains the responsability declaration.

Please use the search above to find your registration and download the document.

Please PRINT, SIGN and bring this document at Sport Expo along with your ID card or passport in order to receive the race kit.

If you are not able to come to Sport Expo and pick up your race kit, please WRITE on the confirmation letter the name of the person you DELEGATE to pick up your kit.