Since August 2018, Bucharest Running Club brings the best quality registration services for the runners through the registration platform.

Registration via

- personal platform account
- at least 5 payment methods at your choice
- runner can use their registered personal data for quick registration in other sports events
- integration with mobile apps which help following real-time evolution during the race and many other information
- BIB number assigning as soon as the registration is finalized (available soon)
- easy access to information and registration in many sports events across Europe

Alternatively, in case you encounter any difficulties when registering through, you may use our old registration form here:

Registration via

Please let us know about you suggestions and difficulties you may have using, through our Contact form. This way you help us solve them in due time, so that you can benefit all the advantages listed above.

• If you already registered through registration form, please DO NOT register again through or viceversa! Payments cannot be refunded!
• Tshirt size will by chosen by runner at Sport Expo and it is subject to availability.
The deadline for online registration and payment is September 29th.
If your registration is not validated after this date, it needs to be issued again at Sport Expo providing the payment document.

Race information

This race is open for companies, government and nongoverment agencies, embassies, institutions and other organizations from Romania and foreign countries. This is not a restriction, teams which are not affiliated to any organization are also welcome.

Each team consists of four people of any gender. There is only one relay category and ranking for all teams, no matter the members gender.

Every team must designate a capitain (leader), who will receive all 4 members participation kits at Sport Expo. He is the one who fills in the registration form with all team members personal data and the order they will run. So every runner shall start (relay) in registration order.

Race distance:
10 + 10 + 13.5 + 8.695 = 42.195 km
Start time:
Sunday, October 14th, 9:30 AM
Time limit:
6 hours
Forecast temperature:  18°C

Entry fees (per team):
  • 90 EUR if the payment is made until April 30th
  • 110 EUR if the payment is made between May 1st- July 31st
  • 130 EUR if the payment is made between August 1st- September 30th
  • 150 EUR if the payment is made between October 1st- October 13th
Payment options:
  • Online via credit card (Visa / Mastercard / Maestro).
    If you are already registered, click here to pay online via credit card.
    ABRC uses Raiffeisen Bank services / EuPlatesc for online transactions. You can pay online with your personal or company credit card with complete safety. Payment Cards issued under VISA (Classic and Electron) and MasterCard (including Maestro, if you have code CVV2 / CVC2) are accepted. Payment is based on a secure online transaction processing that provides privacy, safety and simplicity. Card data processing is done exclusively through the bank service. ABRC neither seek nor store any of your card details.
    Registration is automatically confirmed as soon as the payment is finalized.

  • Bank transfer (payment order)
    To: Asociaţia Bucharest Running Club
    Adress: Bucharest, Str. Hagi Moscu Maria, nr. 1, sector 1
    CUI/CIF: 21585951
    Bank: Raiffeisen Bank - Bucureşti - Ag. Dorobanţi
    IBAN RON: RO91 RZBR 0000 0600 1730 8502
    IBAN EUR: RO37 RZBR 0000 0600 1730 8504
    IBAN USD: RO96 RZBR 0000 0600 1730 8509
    Payment details: "BIM 2018 - relay - team name"
Registration fee payment must be completed no later than 5 working days since the registration day.
All registrations are canceled and deleted after 5 working days if the payment is not finalized.

The runners receives the race kit at Sport Expo (Constitution Square) and signs for it and for the responsibility declaration.
A delegated person can receive the race kit for a runners providing a copy of the runners identity documents.

Every participant benefits:
  • The participation kit, containing the following items:
    • race number (bib)
    • the electronic chip for recording time
    • official t-shirt - the size is subject to availability
    • the AIMS magazine
  • Access to the refreshment stands with watter, energy drinks, wet sponges and other things, which are located along the race path.
  • Medical assistence, consisting in 4 ambulances, having special equipment and specialized medical staff. These are located in hotspots along the whole track.
  • Careful and professional technical management for this competition, which is recognized worldwide and is affiliated with AIMS and IAAF. This enables the atlets to compete in optimal race conditions. The track is measured and AIMS approved; it's completely closed, isolated from any passer or vehicle and it provides safety to the runners.
  • Automated time recording service: final standings, e-mail with information about performance.
  • The finisher medal, at the end of the race.