The German School of Bucharest (DSBU)

The German School of Bucharest (DSBU) was founded 2007 and has been one of 140 Official German Schools abroad since 2012. The DSBU is the only school in Romania whose curricula is exclusively German (after Bundesland Baden-Würtemberg) and whose language in classes is also entirely German. The school is accredited by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and a member of the Worldwide Federation of German Schools Abroad.


German Pedagogic – Responsibility – Humanness

“Bildung ist Leben – Education is Life” This is the fundament on which we build day after day, month after month, year after year. We stand by our conviction that the best we can offer our children is the chance for a better life. Education is the first brick without which no construction can abide. We consider it our duty to enable our children this fundamental first step.

Starting with the first day of kindergarten until the last day of school we teach the children our values: mutual respect, tolerance, diversity, team work.

The child is always first. We are sure that by diligently following our principles we prepare our children for the life we lead as adults.

These are the reasons why children will always be the center of our undertakings and endeavors.


What does the DSBU offer?

Quality education and personal development

Modern schooling directly related to the times we live in

Efficient education which respects children’s interests

Safety of children

Fortifying the individual, his personality and creativity

Respect for colleagues, teachers and community

A real chance in life and a safe future


„Bildung ist Leben -Education ist Life“

By autumn 2019 DSBU will have a new campus of 8.000 Square meters built on an area of 2 hectares in the north of Bucharest, offering a new home for more than 500 children starting with crèche through kindergarten and finishing with school. The new location will be a center of excellence with spacious classrooms, science labs, art and music rooms, workshops, a library and an assembly room, sports ground and a gym, a canteen, playgrounds and green spaces.

For this to become reality we need your support and participation. Thus, the campaign “Bildung ist Leben – Education is Life” originated and with it the invitation to build together here and now the future of thousands of children who will live by your example.