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Asociația Carusel

The Carusel Association emerged in 2011 out of the need for solidarity, to provide social and medical services to people in situations of extreme vulnerability. We are a group of activists and professionals in the field of harm reduction, and our interventions are based on scientific evidence, on international guidelines, following strategies and principles based on long studies.

Our clients are people who face multiple vulnerabilities, where changes cannot be made overnight. Our interventions focus mainly on human immediate needs but, at the same time, we also think about the long term. We aim to reduce vulnerabilities step by step so that the most important thing happens – they stay alive.

For ten years, we have been walking the streets at night to support people experiencing homelessness. Winters are harsh. And this winter will be the harshest. We’ve seen people take their last breaths frozen on the street. We accompanied people in hypothermic shock to the guard room. Some of them had their fingers amputated and were left with neurological sequelae. We have seen the long-term consequences.On a cold night, a sleeping bag, a pair of socks, a hot tea, some thick clothes are what make the difference between life and death through frost. To ensure the minimum necessary for people living on the streets, we need 35,000 euros. 35,000 euros so that people’s temperature does not fall below 35 degrees, the threshold of hypothermia. With this amount we will buy 500 sleeping bags, 500 duvets, 500 isoprenes, thousands of socks, hats, scarves and everything else needed. More than that, we also provide warm meals for cold nights for homeless people from Bucharest.Our participation at the Reiffeisen Bank Bucharest Marathon 2021 edition, will bring to the homeless people or those in situations of extreme risk, the necessary products for survival for the winter period.  Join us and support the most vulnerable people. Together we believe in solidarity! Follow us for details about the sign up: or Facebook: