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Children from foster care need you to improve their lives through therapy

Currently, over 45.000 children and young people are part of the Romania's child protection system. Every year, about 9.0000 children go into the child protection system, as a result of the abandonment or the tragedies that hit their families. 

The purpose of Lindenfeld Association`s “Ajungem MARI” educational program is to help children from foster care and struggling families “Become Great”, responsible and independent people. With the help of a large volunteer team, we strive to reduce the trauma caused by abandonment and separation from the family and to pass on to the children not only knowledge, but also moral values for a healty and dignified life. 

How much does a month of therapy cost to a child? And how we raise money :) 

Most of these children experience severe emotional trauma, and they need long-term therapy sessions. Only that way they can learn who they are and what they can do, to lead a healthy, fulfilling life.

Therapy sessions offer them the chance to develop their communication skills, learn to explore and express in a safe way their strong emotions associated with traumatizing life experiences (neglect, abuse, abandonment, institutionalization), develop their self-control capacity, tolerance to frustration, self-esteem.

The cost for one therapy session for a child is 110 lei. With 440 lei we can cover the costs for a child to go 1 month to therapy.

We know you like to run, so we invite you to run for these children`s future. Join our team and invite your family and friends to cheer for you through donations. Every donation is an extra step in the development of our children. The more money you raise, the longer we can sustain life-changing therapy.

 You are running for the future of the children from foster care 

There are over 2.200 children and young people from Bucharest and 24 counties we are working with, and we try to be with them in the long run. We offer them help, education and support through our team of about 1600 volunteers who are involved in many projects such as:

  • • school preparation sessions;
  • • professional orientation visits in companies;
  • • vocational counseling;
  • • recreational and educational outings;
  • • trips and personal development camps;
  • • financial and entrepreneurial education;
  • • health and sexual education;
  • • computer and informatics education;
  • • therapy – psychological counseling and psychotherapy, speech therapy, sandplay, therapy through games.

All the projects branded “Ajungem MARI” emphasiye children`s personal development – raising self-confidence and forming communication and teamwork skills. We use interactive educational methods to offer them memorable experiences, encouragement, motivation and guidance.

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