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The "Children for the Future" association was founded in 2016, in Lupeni, Hunedoara county, at the initiative of a group of enthusiastic volunteers who are very involved in the life of the local community. The projects started in Hunedoara have also expanded to other counties - Bucharest, Ialomita, Ilfov, Tulcea, Dolj, Valcea, a number of over 5000 children, from disadvantaged backgrounds, have benefited from the services offered free of charge by our organization.

Suntem membrii in Coalitia Valea Jiului Implicata, proiect demarat cu sprijinul Ambasadei Frantei, iar anul trecut am avut actiuni comunitare in cadrul Valea Jiului Vibranta – proiect de activare a comunitatii si regenerare a spatiilor urbane prin arta si cultura.

Misiunea asociației este îmbunătățirea calității vieții, crearea unui mediu sănătos și durabil pentru generațiile viitoare prin reducerea abandonului școlar, intergrarea socială și profesională, suport psihologic, orientare școlara și profesională, reducerea sărăciei extreme. Principalii noștri beneficiari sunt copii și tineri proveniți din medii dezavantajate și din sistemul de protecție socială. 

Ce facem noi mai exact?

The mission of the association is to improve the quality of life, create a healthy and sustainable environment for future generations by reducing school dropout, social and professional integration, psychological support, school and professional guidance, reducing extreme poverty. Our main beneficiaries are children and young people from disadvantaged backgrounds and from the social protection system. What exactly do we do? We support children and young people from disadvantaged backgrounds, especially from rural areas, to go to school, by providing clothes and shoes, supplies, schoolbags, books, scholarships, money for transport, money for medicines, personal care products, help for the whole family.


So that, in addition to the material support of the children, we offer school and professional guidance services, personal development workshops through theatrical techniques, financial, legal, entrepreneurial education, remedial classes, thematic visits, biodiversity courses, ecology, green tourism, excursions in the nature.

We try to alleviate the suffering of children with serious health problems, hospitalized long-term, at the Marie Curie hospital in Bucharest, so that, monthly, we donate hygiene kits, clothes, diapers, drills, milk powder, fruits, coloring books, colored pencils , reading books, tablets.


  1. • COMMUNITY LUNCH - represents an initiative that combines socialization, active learning and the reduction of food waste, being dedicated to children from disadvantaged social backgrounds, but also to the elderly whose incomes do not allow them a decent life.

Together with members of the local communities, the association's volunteers cook hot meals for children and the elderly, while other volunteers organize various workshops and educational activities for the children present at the event.

Because we are concerned about the health of the Planet, we are active in reducing food waste, so 70% of the ingredients used in cooking come from food banks and local producers.

Workshops for personal development, creativity, music, dance and movement are beneficial activities for the good development of children. The habit of serving meals together, learning the rules of hygiene and conduct, positive socialization, are values that contribute to preparing children for adult life.

Community lunch in numbers:

  • - 824 children and volunteers involved from 4 counties/monthly
  • - over 2,000 prepared food portions
  • - dozens of organized workshops
  • - 2 trips for children
  • Dozens of tons of food from the Food Bank and Mega Image used to prepare hot meals

The objectives of the Community Lunch are:

- positive socialization

- improving communication

- community involvement

- reducing school dropout

- reducing food waste

Organized workshops:

- financial education workshops

- personal development workshops

- creativity, music, dance and movement workshops

- orientation in nature

- climbing

  1. I'M GOING TO HIGH SCHOOL – a project to support and guide a number of 30 children from the Rahova district, Bucharest. The children take part, weekly, in non-formal educational activities, designed to complement formal education - creative writing workshops, legal and financial education, entrepreneurial education (we also initiated a business idea competition in which one of the teams created from 0, an evening dress that she presented to investors, together with a business idea), thematic visits (interaction with the producers of radio shows from Magic FM, Rock FM, Kiss FM), nature trips to study biodiversity and respect the environment, personal development workshops through theatrical techniques (with professional actors from IMPROTECA and master's students at UNATC).

Proiectul Merg la Liceu este derulat de Asociatia Full Learing Experience si Asociatia Copii pentru Viitor, cu sprijinul financiar ActiveCitizens Fund Romania, program finanțat de Islanda, Liechtenstein si Norvegia, prin granturile SEE 2014-2021.

  1. AFTER SCHOOL EDUCATIONAL CENTERS - in Lupeni (in collaboration with the Armonia Association) and in Simeria, Hunedoara county (in collaboration with SPAS Simeria) - we offer educational activities, personal development workshops, homework help, creativity workshops, excursions, facilitating access to culture (in partnership with the Deva Art Theatre). The beneficiaries of this program are 60 children and teenagers from Simeria, Simeria Veche, Lupeni and Uricani, Hunedoara county.

Beneficiarii acestui program sunt 60 de copii si adolescent din Simeria, Simeria Veche, Lupeni si Uricani, jud. Hunedoara.

  1. DOTARE SCOLI SI GRADINITE, cu materiale educationale, carti si mobilier.

Cu ajutorul donatorilor am dotat, cu mobilier si materiale educationale Scoala Gimnaziala nr.127, Gradinitele din Bucu si Traianu, jud. Ialomita, Gradinita cu Program Normal din Petrachioaia, jud. Ilfov, Gradinita din Copaciu, jud. Giurgiu, Scoala si Gradinita din Rapolt, jud. Hunedoara, Centrul Educational Sf. Farina din Slobozia, Scoala Gimnaziala din Motatei, jud. Dolj.

  1. AJUTAM IMPREUNA – proiect de sustinere si asistenta umanitara a refugiatilor ucraineni, veniti pe teritoriul tarii noastra. Am oferit urmatoarele servicii:
  • Asistenta psihologica, jurdica
  • Sustinere materiala prin distribuirea de pachete cu alimente, produse de igiena, de curatenie, imbracaminte, incaltaminte, medicamente, mobilier
  • Infiintarea unui CENTRU DE SUPORT, la Hunedoara, in parteneriat cu SPAS Hunedoara, unde refugiatii beneficiaza de support, cursuri de engleza si lb.romana, ateliere creative pentru copii, socializare, sustinere pentru gasirea unui loc de munca.
  • Infiintarea unui CENTRU EDUCATIONAL, in Rm.Valcea, in colaborare cu Biblioteca Judeteana RM. Valcea, unde refugiatii beneficiaza de support, cursuri de engleza si lb.romana, ateliere creative pentru copii, socializare.

Numar de beneficiary: peste 1000 de refugiati ucraineni din Bucuresti, Magurele si 1 Decembrie jud. Ilfov, Slobozia, jud. Ialomita, Rm.Valcea, Bujoreni, Calimanesti – jud. Valcea, Hateg, Orastie, Hunedoara, Deva – jud.Hunedoara, Tulcea, Braila, Galati.

Parteneri si sponsori: Metropolitan Life, Curiera, HP Romania, Organizatia Internationala pentru Migratie Romania, Hope Project, Banca pentru Alimente Bucuresti, Banca Pentru Alimente Timisoara, Mega Image, Kaufland, Kandia, Agrisol, Albalact, Asociatia Medicover, Avis 3000 Simeria, Brutaria Balcanica Simeria, Helena Evenimente Simeria, Fa Bine, Educlass, Sarantis Romania, Magazinul Social La Taica Lazar, UNATC, Improteca, Valea Jiului Implicata, Asociatia Armonia.

All the projects and actions were possible with the help of hundreds of people with a big, big soul, and dozens of companies and educational institutions..