Special Olympics Romania

151 for #SpecialOlympicsTeam!


Muki, in his full name Mohammad Abedin Nejadi, is a young Iranian with Down Syndrome. He came to Romania 20 years ago full of hope. Here he found a team of other people with intellectual disabilities who loved and integrated him from the first moment and with whom he motivates every day to fight for his chance and to prove that he is a champion. He is a national and international medalist at judo, athletism and gymnastics.

Andrei is a swimmer and skier and he is one of the best, a winner of the Winter Games in South Korea and Austria. When he is not training, he is a volunteer at the Luchian Center for People with Disabilities in Baia Mare. He makes therapies (kinesiotherapy, speech therapy) easier for children, he plays with them, he reads them, and they love him for that. And he has one skill more – he’s a kitchen master.

Tomita is a firefighter from Târgoviste. He believes the only disability is not to see the ability and he repeats this often to his daughters with whom he teams up to help children with intellectual disabilities to train at the swimming pool.

For 15 years, we have been trying to make the stories of people with intellectual disabilities in Romania happier and more hopeful. And that’s because we believe that at least one other skill is hidden behind any disability. So, we’ve been able to discover sports skills in 27,000 people with intellectual disabilities. We support them to train and participate in swimming, basketball, badminton, athletics, gymnastics, judo, bocce, skating, cross-country and alpine ski competitions, table tennis, walking / snowshoewing. They represent us with dignity at international and world competitions, they bring medals for Romania and make us proud that they prove they are good and that they can.

Now Special Olympics athletes are looking for a marathon team. With the money raised, they will cover their expenses for attending the Abu Dhabi World Games next year.

151 team mates, to be more precise! Let them win, but if they cannot win, let them be brave in the attempt! Because that’s what the olympic athletes oath teaches them.

How can you support us?

  1. Join #SpecialOlympicsTeam by running for Special Olympics at 42Km, 21Km, 10km, relay and popular races! Select Special Olympics România cause in the registration form to direct a percent of the registration tax to Special Olympics!
  2. Make yourself a Galantom profile and be proud to support Special athlets!
  3. Spread the word!

How will we support you?

  1. We will be proud if you will wear Special Olympics t-shirt!
  2. Special Olympics athlets will support you as they will run their own races (children, teenagers and popular)
  3. We will share water and fun at checkpoints!

If you want to talk directly, drop an email to i.popescu@specialolympics.ro and follow us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/specialolympicsromania/ and on our site: https://specialolympics.ro/.

See you at the starting line!