CPE – Center Partnership for Equality

CPE – Center Partnership for Equality promotes gender equality and women’s rights since 2002, supporting through its programs the redefinition of status and the improvement of women’s condition in Romania. The central objective of CPE is to develop and implement projects and programs for raising awareness about the condition of women and their role in the social development of Romania.

The main areas of intervention of CPE are:


Social Economy. From 2015 we set up a social economy project – MamaPan Bakery – where the employees are single mothers and mothers with more than two children who are in difficulty and where we produce bread and pastry with natural sourdough. www.mamapan.ro https://www.facebook.com/MamaPanBrutariaCuMaia/


Women’s rights in the labor market. We provide research and trainings for employers, employees, public institutions on issues such as recruitment, discrimination, labor market rights, anti-discrimination legal framework and gender discrimination cases, diversity management, procedures and guides on prevention and gender discrimination management as well as sexual and psychological harassment. We develop practices for the harmonization of personal life with the professional life in companies and we develop social and civic competences for women without a job, in order to support and motivate them in the process of employment.

Preventing and combating violence against women. We initiate and involve in Coalitions for preventing and combating violence against women, preparing national research on the violence phenomenon in Romania, developing activities and instruments for preventing violence in schools and their application method while working with students and teachers, advocacy campaigns to improve legislation and monitor the legal framework, develop guides for journalists on how to deal with cases of violence against women by the media.

Preventing and combating trafficking in human beings. We develop national and international research on trafficking of girls and women for sexual exploitation as well as research into gender as a determining factor in human trafficking for sexual exploitation, research into serious cases of exploitation through work in agriculture, skills development activities by bringing together the most important public and private actors in the field, networking of organizations active in the field, development and implementation of campaigns to prevent trafficking of human beings for the general public, children, teenagers, parents and authorities. We created a documentary film based on testimonies of trafficking victims www.sperantelavanzare.ro (Hopes for Sale)  Research and education in the fields of gender, diversity and human rights. We develop activities and intervention plans in kindergartens, primary schools and high schools for pupils, teachers and educators on gender mainstreaming in the education process. We help girls and boys to develop without gender limitations and stereotypes, promoting diversity through specific methods, organizing workshops for parents and children. We develop research on particular vulnerabilities affecting adolescents, proposing new provisions, policies and action plans. Women’s health. We develop research on women’s health, we organize support groups for women diagnosed with breast cancer in Bucharest and we participate in coalitions of organizations promoting breast health.

Where can you find us?


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