Saturday, 10th October 2020

Saturday, 10 October 2020 10:00 AM

Distance: 2.5 km

Time limit: 60 minutes from the official start

START: Constitution Square FINISH: Constitution Square

Course map

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The race is not electronically timed.
● The registration of the minors is made on the basis of the birth certificate (copy) and the medical certificate, which certifies the ability for physical effort of the minor.
● The children will run alone, without parent or guardian / adult, except for children with disabilities.
● All children will be accompanied at registration and the lifting of the competition kit by an adult - parent or guardian, who will sign the running declaration on their own responsibility.
● The winners will only be able to be awarded if they present the birth certificate.
● The organizers do not keep personal documents (birth certificate, identity card, etc.), but only check and return them immediately to the owners.
● The organizers can request any additional document or statement deemed necessary.
Children and adolescents can register online until Sunday, October 4th. After this date we will announce the number of competition kits (number + shirt) available for registration at Sport Expo.
Saturday, October 10, competition day - Children can register for Sport Expo ONLY on this day, according to the official schedule . Children registered online must pick up their contest kit by 9.00 at the latest. After 9.00, unread kits will be redistributed to those present and willing to run.


1.1 The organizer of this raffle is THE BUCHAREST RUNNING CLUB ASSOCIATION (ACSBRC), non-profit legal entity, based in Bucharest, Bd. Mărăști nr. 10, Sector 1, tax registration code 21585951, of April 18, 2007, represented by Valeria Racilă Van Groningen, president.

1.2 The raffle is conducted according to these rules ("The Rules"). The decision to conduct the Raffle according to the Rules shall be final and binding on the participants.

1.3 The Rules of the raffle have been drawn up and will be made public, free of charge, to any applicant, in accordance with the applicable laws, on the event website www.bucuresti-maraton.ro. ACSBRC reserves the right to modify the Rules of the raffle and such modifications shall enter into force only after they have been published, in advance, on the website.

1.4 The Organizer declares that it will assume NO responsibility regarding the participants’ knowledge of the Rules and their amendments as long as they have been made available to the participants. No participant will be entitled to request continuation of the Raffle or remedies for any damage caused by the regular suspension of the Raffle. By participating in this raffle, the participants agree to comply with and observe all provisions, terms and conditions of these Rules and of the applicable legislation in force.

1.5 The provisions of these Rules are drawn up in accordance with the provisions of the Government Ordinance no. 99/2000 regarding the commercialization of market products and services and are mandatory for all participants.

1.6 THE BUCHAREST RUNNING CLUB ASSOCIATION , as Organizer, declares that it reserves the right to modify or change the Rules and that these changes will take effect one day after notifying the participants in this regard on the official website of the event.

  1. Registration

The Raffle will take place exclusively on the day of the Kids Race and Teens Race, on October 10, 2020, and registration will be made on the day of the race by depositing the competition ticket, received at the time of registration, into the raffle box placed in front of the stage in Constitution Square. Each race, respectively each age and gender category, is assigned a special raffle box.

The raffle ticket will be received only by the children/adolescents who have participated in the Kids Race or Teens Race, being offered at the time of registration to the parents/legal representatives to be filled in.

  1. The right to participate and conditions

To ensure valid participation in the prize draw, the user - through his/her parents or legal representatives - must read through the conditions below and simultaneously fulfill them:

  • To insert the ticket into the raffle box corresponding to the age category in which he/she participates.
  • He/she confirms that he/she has read and understood these official rules and that he/she fully agrees with the terms and conditions stipulated in the rules;

            He/she must confirm that he/she has read and understood these official rules and that he/she fully agrees with the terms and conditions stipulated in the rules;

The raffle ticket may be filled in only once, by one person, and filling in several tickets by the same person entails his/her disqualification.

By registering for the Raffle, the participants confirm they are aware of the provisions of the Rules and express their consent to its clauses, their participation in this raffle entailing the obligation to comply with the provisions of these Rules.

  1. Period and venue

The prize draw will take place on October 10, 2020, between 12:00-15:20, separately for each race, age and gender categories, as follows:

12:00-12:10 – Prize draw for Teens Race F+M

13:00 – 13:10 Prize draw for Kids Race – category: 0-5 years F+M

13:30 - 13:40 Prize draw for Kids Race – category: 6-7 years F+M

14:20 – 14:30 Prize draw for Kids Race – category: 8-9 years F+M

15:10 – 15:20 Prize draw for Kids Race – category: 10-12 years F+M

Registration for raffle - Kids Race and Teens Race will be made no later than October 10, 2020.

  1. Winners

The winners will be selected in a random drawing, on October 10, 2020, within the time intervals described in section 4. They have the obligation to be present in front of the stage at the time of drawing.

The prizes will be awarded only to the raffle participants who are in front of the stage at the time of drawing and climb on stage within 30 seconds from the moment their name was first pronounced by the MC. The absence of a winner entails the redistribution of prizes to another participant in the raffle.

  1. Prizes awarded

The prizes will be announced on the day of the event, on stage, by the MC.

  1. Awarding prizes

The prize will be awarded/given to the winner by comparing the BIB number mentioned on the ticket with the BIB number received upon registration.

To be awarded the prize, the winners of the raffle must be present on the stage and show their identity document/birth certificate.

  1. Limitation of liability

The Organiser shall not be held responsible for:

  • the participation tickets that do not contain all mandatory data or do not confirm the identity of the participant, or which contain false or invalid information;
  • any costs borne by the winner for taking possession of the prize, other than those it is responsible for in accordance with these Rules and the legal provisions;
  • the impossibility of the winner to take possession of the prize for reasons other than the Organizer's fault.
  1. Informing participants / Protection of personal data

9.1 All winners are guaranteed their rights in accordance with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation) and with Law no. 190/2018 on the measures for the application of the General Data Protection Regulation. The data of raffle participants will be processed by ACSBRC to fulfill the following purposes: to organize this raffle, to nominate the winners of this raffle, to produce statistical reports on the customers of ACSBRC products and services, to inform them, through various means of communication (mail, e-mail, telephone, SMS) about this promotion or other future actions, provided that the participants have expressed their consent in this regard.

general privind protecția datelor) si cu Legea 190/2018 privind masuri de punere in aplicare a Regulamentului general privind protectia datelor. Datele participantilor la Tombola vor fi prelucrate de catre ACSBRC in urmatoarele scopuri: organizarea prezentei tombole, desemnarea  castigatorilor acestei tombole, realizarea de rapoarte statistice cu privire la clientii de produse si servicii ACSBRC, informarea acestora, prin diverse mijloace de comunicare (posta, e-mail, telefon, SMS) cu privire la prezenta promotie sau la alte actiuni desfasurate in viitor, in cazul in care participantii si-au exprimat consimtamantul expres in acest sens.

9.2 Minorsꞌ personal data (surname, first name and date of birth) are collected from their parents and are deleted three months after the event.

9.3 The Bucharest Running Club Association processes personal data in accordance with the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation and Law 190/2018, as Data Controller.

9.4 The Bucharest Running Club Association undertakes to maintain the confidentiality of the personal data of this raffle participants/winners and to use them only in accordance with these Official Rules and the applicable legislation in force.

9.5 According to the General Data Protection Regulation, the raffle participants have the following rights: the right to be informed, the right of access to personal data, the right to rectification of personal data, the right to restriction of processing of personal data and the right to erasure of personal data. The participants shall have the right to object to the processing of their personal data, under the law, as well as the right not to be subject to a decision based solely on automated processing, including profiling.

9.6 Also, the participants have the right to file a complaint with the National Supervisory Authority for the Processing of Personal Data (ANSPDCP) with regard to the processing which they consider to infringe their rights.

  1. Force majeure

For the purpose of these Rules, force majeure shall mean any event that cannot be foreseen, controlled or remedied by the Organizer, including the impossibility of the Organizer for reasons independent of his will, to fulfill the obligations undertaken under these Official Rules.

  1. Disputes

Any disputes between the Organizer and the participants in the competition will be settled amicably or, if not possible, the disputes will be settled by the Romanian competent courts.

Any complaints related to the Raffle can only be made in writing and submitted to the information tent in the Constitution Square only on the raffle day – October 10, 2020.

Beyond that date, no complaints will be considered by the Organizer.

  1. Other clauses

If the Organizer finds that the winner has not met and/or has not complied with the conditions stipulated by the official raffle rules, the Organizer reserves the right to suspend at any time the rights and benefits of the winner, without any compensation or payment whatsoever. The Organizer reserves the right to offer more prizes than those provided for in these rules. The Organizer shall be entitled to take all necessary measures in case of an attempt to defraud the system, abuse or any other attempts that could affect the image or the costs of this raffle.