Raiffeisen Bank Bucharest Marathon Rules

This 13th edition of the Bucharest Marathon (the Event and all related races) will take place on 10th and 11th of October 2020, organized by THE BUCHAREST RUNNING CLUB ASSOCIATION (the Organizer) in partnership with the ROMANIAN ATHLETICS FEDERATION and BUCHAREST CITY HALL. The Organizer can be contacted, in writing, at the following address: Bucharest, bd. Marasti, sector 1, E-mail: info@abrc.ro. Any news or additional details about the Event are available on the dedicated website, www.bucharest-marathon.com. Information about the Organizer and other related events will be available on the organization’s websites: www.voluntarinsport.ro , https://www.facebook.com/BucharestMarathon/ Filling out the form provided by the Organizer and participating at the Event and any of the related races represents your explicit and unconditional agreement to the terms of these Rules and to any instructions and recommendations of the Organizer and the Event Officials. The Organizer reserves the right to amend these Rules until the first day of the Event, subject to the notification of the participants on the Event website. These Rules are supplemented, for all races (intended for both professional and elite athlete races and for popular races) with the rules of the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) and the IAAF Disciplinary Tribunal Rules, provided they are not contrary to the provisions of these Rules. The Romanian law shall apply whenever the aforesaid special rules are inapplicable. Races: - adult races: marathon, half marathon, individual 10k, marathon relay, 2.5k fun race, 10k & 2.5k wheelchair race; - races for children and teenagers: 2.5k teens’ race, 0.9k /1.4k kids race. Average seasonal temperature: - Minimum temperature: 10 C° - Maximum temperature: 20 C° - Average temperature: 18 C°

To register at races part of the BUCHAREST MARATHON Event and pick up the race kit, each runner shall meet all of the conditions below: 1) be 18 years or older on race day; 2) pay the registration fee; 3) provide an ID for identity check; 4) take responsibility for any injury or damage happening during the competition - the Organizer shall not be held liable for any such instances, in accordance with the provisions of these Rules; 5) take responsibility for having the physical ability and the medical endorsement for participating in the race they entered; the Organizer shall not be held liable for any medical problem occurring during or after the Event; 6) not register for any additional race at the 2020 Bucharest Marathon Event. A person can only enter one race at the Event. Participation at the Bucharest Marathon is strictly personal. Changing, selling or transfer the participation to the Event is forbidden. Having a different person wear the BIB number of the runner who received it is not allowed. Any violation of this condition shall result in the disqualification of the runner and the Organizer reserves the right to exclude the respective person from participating in future events. The runner relinquishing their BIB number to a third part shall be the only one liable for any accident/incident occurring/caused by or involving the third part during the Event. The third part shall not be able to invoke these Rules as a result of their participation to the Event. The Organizer shall not be held liable for any consequences and/or incidents and/or damage sustained by the third part. The particular terms regarding the registration to races other than the Marathon are specified in the SPECIAL RULES FOR OTHER RACES section; we recommend that you read it. We also recommend you to read the entire content of the dedicated website, www.bucharest-marathon.com. as well as the Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/BucharestMarathon/.

Online registration (disabled persons included) for the Event races is open until Octomber 2nd 2020 and 25th September 2020 for companies and organizations via the form provided by the Organizer on www.bucharest-marathon.com. After this date, the number of race kits available for registration at the Sport Expo will be posted on the website. Runners can also register at Sport Expo on October 8th-10th 2020 subject to availability. a) Online payment by credit/debit card or bank transfer is recommended and should follow the steps below: step 1. fill in the online registration form; step 2. pay by credit/debit card or bank transfer; step 3. wait for the payment confirmation e-mail message; step 4. once the payment is completed, we validate and confirm your registration. Companies / organizations / legal entities that want to pay using bank transfer and receive a single invoice for the fees of all the runners representing the company, shall follow the steps below: 1. Registration – each runner registers online, individually; 2. Request invoice – the group manager sends the registration list (surname, name, race) and invoicing data to invoice@abrc.ro; 3. The invoice is issued and e-mailed back to the group manager; 4. Payment – the organization pays by bank transfer; 5. Validation – the runners included on the list received are validated and confirmed after the payment is finalized. Bank details for payment: Asociatia Clubul Sportiv Bucharest RUNNING CLUB Address: Bucuresti, bld. Marasti sector 1, CUI/CIF: 21585951 Bank: Raiffeisen Bank - Bucuresti - Ag. Dorobanti

IBAN RON: RO91 RZBR 0000 0600 1730 8502

IBAN EUR: RO37 RZBR 0000 0600 1730 8504

IBAN USD: RO96 RZBR 0000 0600 1730 8509



Payment details: “B42k2020 – RACE_NAME”

ATTENTION ! The registration becomes valid and final only after the payment is made and confirmed by the Organizer, namely when the registration appears online as validated in the runners’ list. The registration is automatically cancelled and deleted if the payment is not finalized within five business days from registration date. Runners can check online their registration status, in the Runners’ List. b) Payment at Sport Expo is available to runners who did not finalize the online registration. They can register at Sport Expo, subject to availability of BIB numbers, following steps below: 1. Cash payment only; 2. Fill out and sign the personal declaration of responsibility; 3. The Organizer checks the ID document; 4. Pick-up the BIB number and race kit. ATTENTION! NO registrations for adult races are accepted on race day. The fee is including the amount donated to partnering NGOs. In the registration form, each runner can choose a cause to support. All registrations are firm and final. Paid fees are non-refundable.

Runners can pick up their race kit at the Sport Expo. To pick up their race kit, registered runners has to present the following documents:

1. Registration confirmation letter – printed and signed. This letter is customized, available for download on the website and includes the personal declaration of responsibility. 2. ID document (which the organizers check and immediately return to the holder). Each runner receives a race number (BIB) based on their personal best of the past year for the distance they chose.

A changing tent will be set up near Sport Expo, providing runners with a place to change clothes before and after the race. Alongside the BIB number, runners will be given a deposit bag and a sticker bearing the same start number; the sticker must be placed on the deposit bag before leaving the bag at the wardrobe. Deposit bags can be left off at the changing tent before start and picked up after race finish, based on the BIB number. Only bags with a sticker number matching the runner’s start number will be accepted. NOTE: In the changing tent, priority will be given to the participants in the Raiffeisen Bank Marathon races (Marathon, Half Marathon, Relay and Individual 10K). The changing tent is guarded but we recommend that you don’t leave any valuables in the deposit bags. Organizers shall not be held liable for the theft, damage or loss of any personal items.

The disabled category in the 10k & 2.5K races includes athletes competing in wheelchairs. Adults with motor disabilities that attend one of the event’s wheelchair races pushed by a third part or walking in crutches or other categories different from the aforesaid can participate at the Event and will NOT be included in the rankings. These adults will start the race alongside the wheelchair category (see section START - LOCATIONS, SECTORS, TIMES). Persons with other types of disabilities having no direct impact on the person’s ability to walk can participate in the other races of the Event. All persons mentioned in this chapter can register for free if they submit supporting medical documents upon

Low-income adults can participate in any race of the event and benefit from free registration subject to the submission of a certificate of net earnings for the last 3 months (only those who have a net income below the limit of 1,000 RON will benefit from the exemption from payment). In the case of adults over 26 years of age dependant on their parents according to Art. 499 of the Civil Code, they will benefit from free registration only if the condition of a net income below the limit of 1,000 RON is met on average for each member of the family. These persons will be included in the overall ranking of the competition.

As per IAAF/AIMS rules, refreshment points will be set up every 5 km; sponge points will also be arranged between refreshment points. Runners are kindly asked to dispose of plastic bottles or cups in the area close to the refreshment and sponge points, so as to make it easier to clean up afterwards. Each participant will receive one sponge inside the race kit. Toilets are placed in the Start/Finish area and near every refreshment points.

The timing will be provided by MySDAM Champion Chip – Data Service. The timing system registers each runner electronic chip over the electronic mats (check points). The check points are placed at start/finish and along the course, at undisclosed locations, in cooperation with the Romanian Athletics Federation.

ATTENTION! ● Runners must go through all check points located on the course of their race. Runners who fail to step on the mat at every check point will not be registered by the timing system and will be automatically disqualified. ● All runners are required to wear the BIB number on their chest and attach the electronic chip as shown on the chip package. Any runner not wearing the BIB correctly, wearing a different BIB number instead of the one received from the Organizer or not wearing the chip throughout the race as indicated in the instructions will be disqualified. Changing or replacing the BIB number or chip (even in case of loss) on race day or exchanging BIB numbers among runners is not allowed. Failure to observe these rules results in disqualification.

It is forbidden to bring inside the venue hazardous or illegal, such as, but not limited to drugs, fire arms or objects that qualify as stabbing weapons, explosives etc. No vehicles are allowed on the course, except for the Organizer’s bicycles or vehicles and wheelchairs. Offenders will be sanctioned according to the law. In order to attend the Event and access the Event area, participants agree and give their express consent regarding the fact that the Organizer may request, via the security staff, the body search of individuals and their personal items. In case of refusing such a search, the concerned individual will be banned from entering or continuing to have access to the Event area. The Organizer and the security staff may refuse or remove from the Event area, at their own discretion, even during the race, any person who: i) fails to comply with the provisions of these Rules, ii) behaves in such a way that they disturb the normal participation at the Event in situations such as, but not limited to: using any object or behaving in a way that hampers and/or prevents and/or interferes with the circulation and safety of the other participants to the Event; iii) uses any methods of promoting or marketing certain brands, companies, products, services etc. that are not sponsors of the competition or have not been allowed by the Organizer; iv) promotes in any way political, religious or any kind of opinions that may contain a political, religious or violence- or hate-inducing message etc; v) promotes messages that might damage the image of the Event.

Participants shall be exclusively liable for their participation to any Event race. The Organizer shall not be held liable for any kind of damage sustained by the Participant as a result of running the race, unless the damage is a direct consequence of the Organizer’s intent. This waiver also applies to cases of any possible damages generated by situations such as, but not limited to accidents or death. Should the Organizer’s insurance policy cover it and should the insurer deem that it has to pay any amount in order to cover certain damage sustained by the Participant, the Organizer’s responsibility will be limited to the amount paid by the insurance company. The Participant is the only one responsible for taking insurance to cover any damage caused by accidents, diseases or death due to the participation at the Event. The Participant declares being aware that their participation requires very good physical and mental health and declares being properly trained to attend the Event, having been through an appropriate training for such participation. The Organizer, expressly and particularly, instructs the Participant to undergo any medical exam that is needed in order to certify to their fitness to participate at the Event. The Participant remains liable before the Organizer for any damage they may inflict on a third party, including on another Participant, volunteer etc, as a result of any act or omission that is attributable to the Participant.

The official ranking will be available on the event website within 48 hours from race completion, except for the cases expressly mentioned in the specific rules applicable to certain races. The participation certificate will specify the position in the official ranking. According to international rules – IAAF – the official ranking is based on the official time recorded for each runner. The official time is measured from the moment of the official start until the moment of crossing the finish line. The real time, measured between the moment of crossing the start line (after the official start) and the moment of crossing the finish line will also be mentioned on the participation certificate of each runner. This time cannot be used in the official ranking. The Organizer may decide for certain races of the Event, in accordance with the provisions of the specific rules applicable to some races, not to be electronically timed and/or not to have rankings and/or to announce the final order later than the moment specified in this chapter.

The Bucharest RUNNING CLUB organizes the award ceremony in Piata Constitutiei, on the race days. Please check the Event website for the full schedule. Prize money will be offered for the 42K 21K, 10K and Relay races. These prizes will be presented in RON to Romanian residents and in EUR to foreign residents. The prizes offered by the Organizer will be announced before the Event. Before making the payment to the participant, all taxes applicable according to the Romanian legislation will be deducted from the prize money and the remaining amount will be paid to the participant. No Participant is entitled to receive any award if they acted or are acting in such a way that is contrary to these Rules. If, after awarding the prize, the Organizer becomes aware of circumstances indicating that the Participant violated in any way the Rules and the supplementary provisions, the latter must immediately return the prize at the first request of the Organizer;

The prize money will be paid at the end of the 8-week deadline from the completion of the Event. In case of elite and professional athletes, the Organizer may decide to put off the payment of the prizes until the final results of the anti-doping tests arrive, should such tests be conducted. Prizes consisting of products will only be given to winners present at the award ceremony. *Marathon, Half marathon, Relay, 10.K and Popular Race runners who were awarded at the previous edition (1st, 2nd and 3rd places) may register for free at the current edition of the event, exclusively for the same type of race that they won in the previous year. To benefit the free entry, runner must register online and request free entry via e-mail at register@abrc.ro within maximum five days since registration, deadline: September 25th The registration fee is not to be refunded in case the payment was already made.

No taxes refund.

Only participants with no medical problems and physically fit and trained to attend the Event race of their choice are allowed to participate. By registering for the Event and attending the race, every participant declares and pledges being fit to take part in the race of their choice and having consulted a specialized medical doctor in this respect, thus getting the approval to participate in the race for which they registered. The Participant exempts the Organizer of any liability for any medical problem, of any nature, occurring during or after the participation at the Event. The first aid points will be located at 8K, 15.5/40K, 19/21K, 28/35K, 31K and in the Start / Finish area. Ambulances stationed at the First Aid points will be called in by the race marshals in case of accidents on the course and will intervene immediately. Runners who drop out of the race are advised to wait at the refreshment or sponge points for the sweep-up buses or can reach the start/finish line area by public transport. To the extent the runners realize a participant faces medical problems, they will inform the organizers or point it out to the staff at the First Aid points. The participants authorize and give their express consent for being transported to the hospital/given medical care as a result of the express request of the Organizer’s representatives if, according to the latter, medical care is needed, and declare they waive any potential claims regarding such transport and/or emergency medical treatment, related delays or deficiencies.

The Marathon race is organized together with the Romanian Athletics Federation (FRA), therefore anti-doping tests may be carried out, while strictly observing the national provisions, the FRA regulations, the IAAF rules and the WADA code.

Registration fees are NON-refundable; this also includes runners who registered and did not show at the race. Changing the race they registered for or replacing a registered and validated runner (individual or relay) is possible against a EUR 10 fee / person, plus the fee difference (if they choose to register for a race available at a higher fee). All runners who need to change their registration or the order of running, in case of the relay race, between 27.09.2020 and 07.10.2020, must notify this change at Sport Expo (08-10.10.2020) In case of force majeure events, the individuals concerned must present a supporting document in this respect and the change will be made free of charge. Runners completing the registration (payment included) by August 31st will have their NAME printed on their BIB NUMBER. Race changing or re-registration after this date cancels this service. This service is available only for the Marathon, Half Marathon, Individual and Relay races.

Whenever needed, the Organizer reserves the right to change the course, the location of the refreshment points or any other element that is part of the Event organization. The Organizer will also be able to change the Event date or the start times at any moment, without having to pay any compensation to the participants;

Should the event be cancelled, interrupted or postponed by means totally independent from the Organizer’s will and control (such as, but not limited to authorities’ administrative decisions, force majeure situations, strikes, emergency states etc), the Organizer will not be responsible with covering of any prejudice to the participants. Though, in such situations, the Organizer will offer to already registered participants the possibility to register without any additional cost to Organizer’s next event. The Organizer will not cover any additional costs.

Should the event be cancelled by means imputable to the Organizer, the participants not willing to opt-in for the Organizer’s next event are entitled to request the registration fee and be reimbursed. No other amount will be paid by the Organizer.

Should the event be cancelled by means not imputable to the Organizer, there will be no reimbursements of the registration fees. The participants will have only the possibility to opt for transferring the amount paid, to the Organizer’s next event.

Any registered Participant can withdraw from the race they entered. In case of withdrawal, the paid fee will not be refunded. Transferring the paid fee to another participant is not allowed either. The Organizer is entitled to refuse registration, exclude from the race and/or disqualify any participants who, in a previous race or during the current race, displayed behaviors/attitudes/reactions that are contrary to these rules, such as, but not limited to the following examples: - they were eliminated or excluded from similar races for breaching the rules; - there is intent to use the Event for exposing their political or religious views or views that might harm the image of the Event; - they violate one or several provisions of these Rules; - their conduct is detrimental to the image of the Event; - they were sanctioned for breaching the anti-doping rules; - they are under the influence of alcohol or drugs; - after the race, it becomes obvious that these Rules or the Anti-doping rules were breached.

Pe toata durata Evenimentului Participantii trebuie sa aiba o conduita politicoasa si de respect la adresa Organizatorilor si a celorlalti Participanti si sa respecte intocmai Regulamentul. In timpul participarii la cursa este indicat pentru a nu bloca sau stanjeni alti participant sa nu se alerge in grupuri de trei persoane sau mai mari unul langa celalalt pentru a nu deveni obstacole pentru alti alergatori. De asemenea, este indicat ca Participantii sa nu opreasca brusc pentru a se alimenta sau pentru a isi lega sireturile si sa se asigure ca in momentul opririi nu blocheaza sau stanjenesc alti alergatori. Participantii vor evita sa incurce alergatorii mai rapizi sau sa-i loveasca pe cei lenti, astfel daca un alergator care alearga in spatele dumneavoastra va spune: “sunt in stanga”’, deplasati-va in dreapta dumneavoastra si lasati-l sa treaca, daca va spune “la dreapta” deplasati-va in stanga dumneavoastra si lasati-l sa treaca.
Avand in vedere numarul mare de participanti si riscul crescut de accidentare in zonele de aglomerare, participantii nu pot folosi casti audio in timpul cursei, acestea ducand la scaderea vigilentei in timpul alergarii.
Participantii nu vor putea folosi Evenimentul in vederea promovarii oricaror alte elementele de marketing cu exceptia sponsorilor oficiali, asa cum sunt acestea puse la dispozitie de Organizator.
Orice comunicare a unor imagini sau filme din cadrul Evenimentului inregistrate de catre un participant in timpul participarii la Eveniment va fi folosit exclusiv pentru uz personal si nu va putea fi folosit in nici o circumstanta pentru promovari de natura comerciala sau pentru alt scop de reclama, marketing in afara Evenimentului, fara acordul expres al Organizatorului.

Any complaints about the ranking or the participation to the event shall be made in writing and presented at the award ceremony tent in Piata Constitutiei only in the day of the race. After this deadline, the Organizer will no longer consider any complaint. Complaints can be filed by persons who registered at the Event and paid the participation fee, if any. In case of minors, the complaint can be made only by one of the parents, legal custodians or accompanying teacher. Persons who were denied participation to the event or were disqualified can only file complaints about such issues. The complaint will contain the name, address, BIB number of the person filing the complaint, their e-mail address and a brief account of the facts they challenge, the reasons for challenging them and the evidence supporting their complaint. The indicative deadline for settling the complaints will be two weeks from the Event date. If, while assessing the complaint, the Organizer needs additional information, they will request it from the complainant or any other person. The Organizer will be able to check any information and evidence they deem necessary while analyzing the complaint. The Organizer’s decision is final and shall be communicated to the complainant at the e-mail address specified in the complaint.

Evenimentul poate fi inregistrat in scopuri de comunicare publica/informare, in orice modalitate (in special prin fotografii, inregistrari video etc), in orice mediu existent sau viitor, pentru comunicare internationala, in orice scop, inclusiv in scop de publicitate si comercial. Prin urmare, fiecare participant acorda in mod explicit Organizatorului, persoanelor imputernicite de catre Organizator si beneficiarilor (in special parteneri comerciali) permisiunea de a inregistra si de a reproduce, pe orice tip de suport, in orice format, respectiv de a reproduce si reprezenta, fara nicio remuneratie, de nicio natura, numele, vocea, imaginea, si informatii referitoare la activitatea sportiva desfasurata in contextul Evenimentului, pe o durata care nu poate depasi 20 ani de la data Evenimentului. Participantul autorizeaza in mod expres Organizatorul sa cedeze partenerilor la Eveniment sub-licente pentru folosirea imaginii in scopuri comerciale si publicitare.
Fiecare participant acorda permisiunea lui deplina si irevocabila Organizatorului, beneficiarilor (in special partenerilor sai comerciali), in scopul efectuarii de campanii de publicitate, promovare sau pentru vanzare 1) de a face orice modificari, adaugari sau suprimari pe care le considera necesare pentru a se utiliza imaginea sa, in conditiile definite mai jos, 2) de a include sau combina imaginea lui sau a ei cu orice semnaturi, expresii, sloganuri, legende, marci, semne distinctive, informatii legale, efecte vizuale si, in general vorbind, in orice utilizare in materialele de comunicare in care acestea sunt utilizate.
Pentru minori acest consimtamant este dat sub conditia ca drepturile si interesele majore ale acestora sa nu fie lezate, de catre parintii acestora, de catre ocrotitorii legali (parinte, tutore etc) care efectueaza inscrierea in numele acestora.
Participantul garanteaza ca imaginea sa nu face obiectul unui contract de exclusivitate.
Organizatorului, beneficiarilor sai si persoanelor imputernicite le este interzisa in mod expres folosirea numelui unui participant, a vocii sau imaginii in orice format cu caracter pornografic, rasist sau xenofob, si mai mult, in general, este interzisa orice utilizare care aduce atingere demnitatii participantului.
Participantii sunt informati si accepta neconditionat ca imaginea lor, inregistrata de catre reprezentantii oficiali ai Organizatorului, poate fi accesibila pe site-ul Evenimentului in zona destinata membrilor si pe site-ul Evenimentului in sectiunea „Rezultate”. In ceea ce priveste site-ul Evenimentului, participantii inteleg si sunt de acord ca orice utilizator de internet ii poate identifica dupa nume, prenume si/sau numarul de cursa.

Datele personale colectate – ASOCIATIA BUCHAREST RUNNING CLUB (Organizatorul/ABRC), in calitate de Operator prelucreaza datele dumneavoastra cu caracter personal: numele si prenumele, sexul, data nasterii, nationalitea, telefon mobil, tara si orasul de domiciliu, e-mail, cel mai bun timp personal, numele echipei (daca este cazul), coordonate bancare, imaginea foto/video, marimea tricoului.
Scopul si modalitatea de prelucrare a datelor – Datele sunt colectate de catre ABRC cand va inregistrati la Maratonul Bucuresti, fie prin intermediul platformei de inscrieri MYLAPS.COM, fie prin intermediul formularului de contact pe site-ul https://bucharest-marathon.com/contact/. Datele personale furnizate de catre fiecare participant prin intermediul formularului de inregistrare vor fi pastrate in format electronic.
Inregistrarea prin https://registration.mylaps.com/rbbm2020/register – MYLAPS prelucreaza numele participantilor inregistrati, adresa, email, sex, data nasterii, rezultatele obtinute si genereaza automat un cont de utilizator care va permite sa faceti modificari. Mai multe informatii puteti afla accesand acest link: https://www.mylaps.com/app/uploads/2018/05/MYLAPSPrivacyInformationRegistrationFinal.pdf
IAAF (Asociatia Internationala a Federatiilor de Atletism )- Cursa de maraton (42K) a Evenimentului face parte din Calendarul oficial al curselor stradale I.A.A.F. Label (Bronze) iar datele personale (nume, prenume, rezultate) ale participantilor la aceasta cursa vor fi comunicate catre IAAF conform obligatiilor ce revin organizatorului competitiei.
Datele personale ale participantilor la Cursa Populara, Cursa Adolescentilor si Cursa Copiilor vor fi sterse in termen de 90 de zile de la finalizarea evenimentului.
Furnizarea datelor cu caracter personal este obligatorie in vederea inregistrarii participantilor la competitii si organizarea corespunzatoare a acestora si sunt necesare in vederea procesarii taxelor de participare la cursele care necesita taxa de inscriere. Rezultatele personale la curse vor fi de asemenea inregistrate, pastrate, prelucrate si publicate in vederea crearii clasamentului, acordarii premiilor, transmiterii de informatii organizatorice despre eveniment si tiparirea personalizata a rezultatelor pe diplome.
Refuzul de a furniza datele – Datele solicitate sunt esentiale pentru organizarea evenimentului. Prin urmare, in cazul refuzului persoanei vizate de a furniza aceste date, Operatorul va refuza inregistrarea in cursa/curse. Prin inregistrare participantul consimte la inregistrarea, prelucrarea utilizarea datelor personale in scopurile descrise la acest paragraf.
Dezvaluirea datelor personale – ABRC nu dezvaluie datele dvs. personale niciunei terte parti cu exceptia situatiei cand exista o obligatie legala in acest sens, la cererea autoritatilor indreptatite (ex. Echipe de prim ajutor, Politie, Agentia Nationala Anti-Doping etc), cand apreciem ca este necesar in vederea investigarii, prevenirii sau pentru a actiona impotriva unor situatii potential ilegale, in caz de suspiciuni de frauda sau situatii de urgenta care implica punerea in pericol a integritatii fizice sau a securitatii oricarei persoane sau ati optat pentru primirea de mesaje promotionale de la sponsori/parteneri.
Securitatea datelor personale – ABRC a implementat masuri tehnice si organizatorice rezonabile pentru a asigura datele dvs personale impotriva pierderii accidentale, a accesului, folosirii, distrugerii sau dezvaluirilor neautorizate.
Drepturile dvs. – aveti urmatoarele drepturi in conformitate cu prezentul Regulament si conform Regulamentului General privind Protectia Datelor (GDPR):
– Dreptul de a fi informat despre modalitatea de prelucrare a datelor;
– Dreptul de accesa datele personale pe care le detinem despre dvs;
– Dreptul de a rectifica datele pe care le detinem in cazul in care acestea sunt incorecte sau incomplete;
– Dreptul de a fi uitat, adica dreptul de ne solicita stergerea datelor personale detinute;
– Dreptul de a restrictiona prelucrarea datelor personale;
– Dreptul la portabilitatea datelor, adica de a fi transferate catre o alta organizatie;
– Dreptul de a obiecta ca datele dvs. personale sa fie folosite in anumite scopuri;
In cazul in care doriti sa reclamati modalitatea de gestionare a datelor dvs., va rugam sa contactati ABRC la adresa de email info@abrc.ro sau in scris la adresa: Strada Maria Hagi Moscu, Nr 1, Etaj 1 , apart. 2, interfon 002, Bucuresti 1, Romania. Vom analiza sesizarea dvs. si vom colabora cu dvs. pentru rezolvarea problemei. Este posibil sa va solicitam dovezi ale identitatii.
Actualizarea datelor – Puteti revizui, corecta, actualiza sau sterge datele personale accesand contul creat pe platforma MyLaps.com Daca in continuare considerati ca datele dvs. nu sunt gestionate corect conform legii, puteti contacta Autoritatea Nationala de Supraveghere a Prelucrarii Datelor cu Caracter Personal, unde puteti depune o plangere.
Prelucrarea datelor personale ale copiilor – Datele personale ale minorilor (nume, prenume si data nasterii) sunt colectate de la parinti si sunt sterse dupa trei luni de la terminarea evenimentului.
Reguli Specifice Cursele Bronze Label – Maratonul Bucuresti este certificat Bronze Label de catre IAAF care impune reguli specifice care implica prelucrarea de date personale:
– Ecran – Furnizarea unei modalitati de urmarire a cursei prin intermediul unui ecran urias sau a unei alte modalitati;
– Servicii pentru Media – (i) livrarea individuala a rezultatelor primilor 20 de barbati si primelor 20 de femei; (ii) website dedicat cu lista de start si rezultatele in limba tarii gazda si in limba engleza; (iii) monitoare tv si internet de mare viteza.
– Cerinte de transmisie internationala – cursele certificare Broze label trebuie sa poata furniza cel putin aspectele importante ale cursei la nivel local prin transmisii live, inregistrate sau online.
– Reportaje TV pentru IAAF – ABRC are obligatia sa furnizeze IAAF inregistrarea integrala a cursei (“Dirty International Feed”), sub forma unui link catre un website care publicarea de clipuri video (YouTube, Vimeo, YouKu, etc.) sau a unui fisier digital in scopul verificarii cursei. IAAF nu va redistribui inregistrarile si nu va avea drepturi asupra acestora. La cererea IAAF ABRC va furniza o inregistrare a cursei (“Clean Feed”) si va permite IAAF sa foloseasca gratuit maxim 5 minute din materialul filmat.