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Motivation Romania Foundation is a nongovernmental, non-profit organization created in 1995 to support children and adults with disabilities. Since 1995, Motivation gave back freedom of movement and hope in a life of fulfilment to over 25,000 children and adults with disabilities in Romania.

Motivation means:

  • Active rehabilitation and independent living training, wheelchair mobility and sports for persons with disabilities;
  • Positive IMPACT, autonomy and self-confidence for youth with disabilities from the Motivation homes;
  • Sustainable social business funds quality services that improve the lives of persons with disabilities in Romania;

Today, 15 regional teams provide adapted mobility equipment, counselling and independent living training. Motivation`s trainers, who are wheelchair users themselves, use their personal example and experiences to guide others towards independence.


#TeamMotivation includes runners with and without wheelchairs, who promote independent living for people with disabilities, and the donors can support projects that turn independent living into reality.


  • Donate for the Wheelchair Fund project on Global Giving or directly on the foundation's website and give back the mobility to a person with disabilities!

In 2019, #TeamMotivation restored confidence and hope for an independent living for more than 3,291 people with disabilities in Romania.

In 2020, Motivation continues to spin the Wheels of Change through a Wheelchair Fund, which makes it possible to donate more than 1,000 quality wheelchairs for people with mobility disabilities in Romania.

Every EUR 100 in the Wheelchair Fund give back mobility to a wheelchair user and help a person break isolation!

  • Redirect 3.5% of income tax to Motivation Romania Foundation! It costs you nothing, to change for the better the lives of wheelchair users.

It costs you nothing, to change for the better the lives of wheelchair users.

For a suggested donation to the Wheelchair Fund, you will receive some personalized items. A Motivation cup, a pair of good gloves that help you ride better a bicycle or a wheelchair, wheel protectors or a #TeamMotivation t-shirt, all these are available here. Deliveries only national wide.

Only national delivery.

You can contact Motivation at:

Motivation Romania Foundation

Adress: Podișor street no. 1, Loc. Buda, Ilfov County

Phone. 021-4480242, Email



 Together we can spin the Wheels of Change!