Pachamama România

Pachamama Romania is an association for environmental protection whose mission is to change the vision of the modern world focused on consumerism, by raising awareness of interconnectivity, so as to inspire people to participate in creating a sustainable, equitable and fulfilling world of soul fulfillment.

The main projects through which the mission is fulfilled are: Roşia Montană Marathon, Education and Awareness Programs, the Campaign for Nature Rights and the Drawdown Project, through which we wish to contribute to the reversal of global warming.

The Roșia Montană Marathon is more than just a sports competition. Between June 20-21, 2020, the eighth edition of a very special meeting combining sport, ecology, spirituality, nature and culture will take place. It is an event that promotes the Nature Rights Campaign and a healthy lifestyle and in balance with Nature.

This year it will run for the entrance of the Roşia Montană in the UNESCO Heritage and for the modernization of the Roşia High School.

We are waiting for you too!

Campaign for Nature Rights

La nivel global există o campanie de strângere de semnături pentru Petiția Drepturilor Naturii prin care Natura să fie recunoscută ca ființă vie și să-i fie recunoscute drepturile – de a exista, de a persista și de a se regenera.

Dorim ca prin implementarea legislativă a Drepturilor Naturii, oamenii să devină conștienți de legătura directă cu Natura, să o respecte și să nu o mai trateze ca pe o resursă sau ca pe o proprietate.

Here you can sign the Petition for the Global Initiative -

Since 2011, when Pachamama Romania was established, and so far, I have shared the idea of the Nature Rights project with tens of thousands of people, both directly through the sporting events I participated in, such as those created by ABRC, as well as through educational events (Nature Rights for a Sustainable Community, Symposium Be a Part of Change), attending dozens of schools, high schools and faculties in Romania (Academy of Economic Studies, Ecological University of Bucharest, International British School of Bucharest, National College Gheorghe Lazăr etc. ), and through global events on environmental protection - COP 21 Paris and the Rio 2012 Summit.

The "Be a Part of Change" symposium is an educational program that gives you the opportunity to involve your mind, soul and hands in creating a sustainable, socially and fulfilling environment. (

Drawdown - 100 innovative solutions for global warming

Launched in 2013 as an initiative and completed as an initial study in 2016 by Paul Hawken, the Drawdown Project is an open alliance of researchers, policy makers, business people, activists and leaders in various fields that together study and create models that, together, could result in a real reversal of global warming and its negative effects over the next 30 years.

Collaboration with the Association of Bucharest Running Club started in the autumn of 2011 at the 4th edition of the Bucharest International Marathon. Since then, they have been present at all the events organized by ABRC, also managing hydration and encouragement points, in several editions managing to raise the energy of all the runners who passed on our points with the Drum-up drill.