Sari la conținut


1. Runners are allocated in several different blocks. In each block, there is plenty of room for runners to follow – at their own responsibility – the social distancing rule of 1.5m at every direction. Based of that rule, each runner is given a space for himself/herself of about 2.5sqm. That means that a block of 250 runners covers an area of 625sqm (250 runners X 2.5sqm).
2. In the block just behind the Start Arch (block ready to start), as well as in the one before it, there shall be specific signage on the floor indicating to each runner where to stand and how to proceed forward. The rule of social distancing is always applied. By that way each block will have a specific numbers of lines created with certain spots each, indicating where runner may stand.
3. Each line of runners shall start separately, with a time difference between lines that allows the runners that precede to have run a distance of about 6m to 8m before the next line crosses the Start.
4. Runners have been assigned in specific block by the LOC and the name list of runners per block is always available for reasons related to tracking.
5. Only in the case of National Romanian Championships and Olympic qualifier, athletes are allowed to start the race all together, not in lines and without keeping the social distancing rule of 1.5m, given that they present a Medical Certificate of maximum two (2) days, that they have not shown any symptoms of Covid-19.
6. All participants are advised to wear protective mask up until the moment they start the race, meaning until the time they find themselves on one of the standing spots in the two blocks before the Start Line. A significant number of waste bins will be available on the sides of these two blocks, where the runners may throw their masks.
7. Runners may leave their clothing at the designated area, having put it in advance in the plastic kit bags given to them by the LOC. The designated area shall be as vast as possible, in relation to the number of runners and the race. As the runners hand over their kit bags, volunteers shall spray the bags with antiseptic gel or liquid before they make contact.

1. During the Race, runners are advised to keep as much distance as possible, and follow the hereunder advices:
     a. Running side by side is considered safe only when there is a safety distance of 1.5m between runners.
     b. Running in a X format (one in front and the other one at the back and at the left or right) is considered safe only when there is a conceivable distance of 1.5m between runners at each side.
     c. Running in groups without keeping the above distances shall be avoided.
2. Wave start, as it is described above, prevents crowding during the race.
3. Each runner is placed in one of the starting blocks available, based on their previous finish time (as stated on their entry form). That means that they start and run the race with a specific pace. Such allotment helps also to avoid crowding during the race.
4. All runners shall run wearing a shirt, which in no case may they remove before, during or after finish and up the moment they have collected back their clothing kit bag.

1. As it has been stated above, applying a wave start system prevents crowding during the race and up to the finish.
2. After finish, and on their way to collect back their clothing kit bag, runners come across the Finish Feed Zone, where they are given a small plastic bag with any product that the LOC has to offer (bottled water, refreshment, isotonic drinks). This procedure is contactless. The volunteers leave on the table in front of them the bag along with finishers medal and the runner picks them up himself/herself. In case bananas or other fresh food also offered, they are also put on the table for the runner to pick it up himself/herself.
3. Award Ceremonies are not recommended. In case awards should be presented, the relevant ceremonies are conducted with full respect to the social distancing rules, avoiding any unnecessary contact and with the presence of the absolutely minimum number of persons.
4. Last but not least, runners receive back their clothing kit bag from the designated area, having disinfected their hands with antiseptic hand gel or liquid that is available there.