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Hope and Homes for Children

About Hope and Homes for Children Romania

 Hope and Homes for Children has been operating in Romania since 1998, during which time it contributed directly or indirectly to the closure of 63 old institutions (orphanages), while another 10 are being closed. Through the services developed by Hope and Homes for Children, children move from care in mammoth institutions where they do not receive individual attention and affection, to systems based on the family concept, including family-type homes, which allow them a close life. of normalcy. Through the efforts of the Foundation and its partners, 116 family-type homes have been developed, while 6,747 children have been removed from orphanages.

At the same time, the Foundation works intensively to prevent the separation of the child from the family, intervening with the necessary means to support families in which the risk of child abandonment is high. Thus, 37,969 children were rescued from family breakdown, while over 2,140 young people were supported for independent living. Over 9,600 staff members in the child protection system were trained by Hope and Homes for Children.

So far, over 63,000 children have benefited from the services of Hope and Homes for Children Romania, whose goal is to eliminate for good the institutionalization of children in our country. More information at

Join Team Hope

You’re working out and helping at the same time. Team Hope gathers around committed athletes and passionate beginners alike, sponsors, partners, volunteers or endorsers who support children and young adults in the programmes implemented by Hope and Homes for Children.

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