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Asociația One Rescue

Created in 2017 from the need to offer shelter for abandoned animals,

One Rescue Association has so far taken care of more than 3,200 dogs and 700 cats.

Currently, the One Rescue shelter is home for 400 dogs and cats, mixed breeds, as well as purebreds. We give them food and medical care when they need it. Many of them have grown up under our eyes, from abandoned puppies to adults cats and dogs that no one has yet adopted.

We have 400 souls to feed every day. Among the most urgent needs when it comes to caring for 400 animals is the need for daily food for them.

We do our best to give them the food they need, a healthy meal, sometimes with special requirements for the ones under treatment.

Run for a meal offered to the cats and dogs in the shelter!

You can find more about us and our 400 friends here: