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Autonom Foundation: 11 years of educational transformation.

We have been involved in over 950 projects, taking into consideration that education is the pillar for the evolution of future generations. Autonom Foundation has been contributing to the improvement of the Romanian educational system for over 11 years by equipping schools with educational to personal development and performance training programmes.

One of the Foundation's main projects is the "Become AutonOM" Programme. This project aims to build a solid foundation for strong and future-ready students by encouraging early exploration of personal values, community involvement, financial literacy, sustainability, passions, the importance of reading habits, awareness of the differences between the real and virtual world and so on.

Thus, we visit the 7th grade classes ten times and create a framework dedicated to exploring the individual personalities of our students.

Until now, we have ruled the "Become AutonOM" Programme in over 60 classes across the country. The programme has been really appreciated by the 1500+ students we have interacted with, as well as their parents and teachers.