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The Social Incubator NGO was founded in April 2014 by a group of five friends, professionals in different fields, who got involved together in multiple volunteer activities, in the form of punctual and short-term support for institutionalized young people. But they realized that the needs of these young people are much more complex and that in order to bring a real and sustainable change in their lives, it is necessary to support them individually, on a long-term basis.

In the 9 years of activity, we have had over 35,000 young participants in personal and professional development workshops, 2,036 young people supported within the main program of the association "Youth for the Future", with multiple areas of intervention, a total of 50 projects that operates in 30 counties.

The main pillars on which we base our intervention are: career counseling, vocational and psychological counseling; non-formal education; support for formal education; facilitating internships and, subsequently, support in finding paid employment.

Still, more than 3,000 young people leave the system each year, with nothing secure, without the safety net of a family. Often, because they are so vulnerable, young people end up living in very difficult conditions or in human or drug trafficking networks.

For 9 years, we have been consistent in our mission to provide young people from vulnerable backgrounds with the support, resources and opportunities to help them integrate into society. We believe that only they can create their own path. We like to say that we help young people find their "fishing rod", and we don't directly give them "fish". We help them build a future where they can support themselves.