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HELP Autism Association

Support #TeamHelpAutism at Raiffeisen Bank Bucharest Marathon 2022!

Why run for teens and young adults with autism?

People with autism need personalized, accessible and quality therapies and services to be fully included in the community. Practically, without our help and other specialized NGOs, children with autism would not evolve and would probably end up as adults dependent for life on the help of those around them.

They cannot and will not ever be able to cope in life without therapy. That's why we rush to intervene, to offer them the therapy they need so much.

This is only possible with our partners and people willing to support us and help us where we need it.

Their future depends on us.

2 hours of ABA therapy, 1 hour of physiotherapy, 1 hour of speech therapy.

This is what the daily schedule of most children in Help Autism centers looks like.

In addition to the 4 hours of work, each child goes to kindergarten or school every day. Once or twice, a week he goes to sensory integration therapy and sports activities that help him develop his impaired motor skills and the diagnosis.

Together with you, we can get closer to our mission.

The therapy of a child reaches 1000 euro per month and unfortunately, this amount is not paid by the state at the moment. The service we offer today to children and young people with TSA is only sustained thanks to partners and people open to financially support each of these children.

Run with us in the orange team to give children diagnosed with autism a chance for independent life.

About Help Autism

For 12 years, Help Autism has been helping more than 3,000 children with autism and their families in 9 centers in Bucharest, Suceava and Targoviste and at home. We have supported, guided and shaped their development.

We are proud of the good we do every year, we let you read the 2021 Good Report and to visit our pages and