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Team Voice~Raiffeisen Bank Bucharest Marathon 2021

Have you ever imagined you could change lives? 

Have you ever thought what it would be like if YOU would be the one who puts his mark on a destiny?

If you answered yes, we need you!!

Why choose us, Autism Voice?

Because the life of a child can be in your hands! Because every hour of therapy is crucial to the future of a baby, and YOU can give him a chance!

Be part of a big hearted people team! Be the voice of children with autism.


Be part of a big hearted people team! Be the voice of children with autism.

For them we will run together!


With every hour of therapy, the little ones learn to talk, play and make friends.

400 children are integrated in therapy programs, in the 2 Autism Voice centers. Many of them are orphans or children from needy families.

Find out more about us at

We need you to help them grow independently!

We need you in the team!


  • ➢ Your involvement will help us, the Autism Voice association continue to provide therapy for children in need
  • ➢ The funds raised together with you will be used for the development of specialized
  • ➢ Team Voice is not just a team of runners. Good friends have joined forces to give a voice to the children who fight autism every day.

We invite you to be the voice of the autistic children!


Team Voice participates every year in the most visible international running events in Bucharest: Bucharest International Half Marathon and Bucharest International Marathon.



The impact of Team Voice, a "family" of big hearted people

In 2019, over 400 runners and volunteers took part in Team Voice at the Bucharest Marathon.

With the help of our runners and partner companies we managed to raise the necessary funds to support 6 months of therapy for 15 children from orphanages and extremely poor families.


Contact Us!

For further information:

Beatrice Ionescu



See you in the Constitution Square!