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About the Magicamp Association

MagiCAMP is the association that helps children with oncological diagnosis and their families. The most popular projects are MagicHOME (shelter for parents of children with oncological diagnosis) and special summer camps MagiCAMP for children with oncological diagnosis, children with severe burns and children who have lost someone dear.

In the last 5 years, 500 children with oncological conditions, severe burns or who lost someone dear have played in the MagiCAMP camp in Brănești, Dâmbovița.

Because we saw and felt the joy that the camp brings on children’s faces, starting with the year 2020 MagiCAMP aims to develop the infrastructure of the existing camp, so that the number of children for a week of camp will increases from 24 to 30, and the number of volunteers from 14 to 20.

Every year the camp opens its doors for 12 weeks. The expansion of the camp involves the construction of a new building that will allow the arrangement of additional accommodation spaces, a refrigerated warehouse that will serve the camp kitchen, and cover the existing swimming pool.

The total budget of the project is 1,770,800 RON.

You can find out more about MagiCAMP visiting: and Facebook page: